Herbal Tea For Congestion

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Herbal Tea For Congestion

Feeling chest congestion and tightness in your lungs can be one of the most frustrating and uncomfortable parts of dealing with seasonal illness, allergies, or pollution. Congestion often makes us feel as though we can’t breathe as fully as we should, and that we have to put out a lot of extra energy just to breathe properly. The good news is that there are a handful of amazing herbal tea for congestion options that can help loosen the chest and lungs, remove excess mucous, relax the muscles in your chest, and get you breathing free once again.

What’s Happening In There?

There are many reasons why we can feel congestion during a seasonal illness or allergy flare up. Usually, chest congestion happens when excess mucous builds up to help cleanse and protect the lungs. We need this mucous to trap the bad stuff and help the lungs expel it from the body, but when it builds up too fast, we can feel bogged down. Mucous is often heavy, so drinking lots of water and herbal tea can help loosen it.

Inflammation is another cause of chest congestion. If our lungs are irritated by pollution, allergens in the air, or cold symptoms, they can become inflamed. This inflammation can feel really constricting and be extremely uncomfortable.

If you are concerned that your chest congestion may be more serious than a common cold or irritation due to allergens, or if it persists, see your doctor immediately.

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Herbal Tea For Congestion

Thyme Herbal Tea

Thyme is a perennial favorite for all things congestion because it acts as a gentle bronchial dilator and has some pretty impressive antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and antifungal properties. Thyme herbal tea helps open up the breathing passages while joining your body in fighting off anything that may be causing problems. Adding thyme to your favorite comforting or calming tea is a great tonic for dealing with a cold!

Peppermint Herbal Tea

One of my favorites! You can sip peppermint herbal tea while taking time to inhale the steam to get the best benefits. The menthol in peppermint helps clear the nose and chest of congestion while giving you some calm energy at the same time. A really blessing when illness has you feeling stuck and tired!

Plantain Herbal Tea

Plantain gets to work fast ridding the lungs of excess phlegm while calming the respiratory system and helping your body build a healthy new lining of protective and soothing mucous. If coughing is behind your congestion, plantain can soothe and heal which makes is a must-have for the cold season!

Hyssop Herbal Tea

Cleanse your respiratory system from top to bottom with this amazing herbal blessing! Hyssop can help remove phlegm that feels stuck in the chest, it can cleanse the mucous lining of the lungs, and it aids in healthy expectoration and overall lung health. This is a must-add to any congestion tea blend!

thyme herbal tea

Here’s to a season of easy, healthy breathing!


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