Herbal Tea Lung Detox

The lungs are one of the most essential and sensitive parts of our bodies. All day long they take in air which may or may not be very clean,  absorb the oxygen from it, then send out the stuff we don’t need any more. The lungs work hard, and they do so via a complex system of airways, muscles, and functions. If your lungs are feeling heavy, congested, toxin-filled, or just not up to par, the 7-Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox is for you!

I wrote this book because I love being able to breathe free. As an ex-smoker of over 15 years, the lung detox system I came up with is based on personal experience and experimentation about which herbs work best cleaning, clearing, healing, and strengthening the lungs and the entire respiratory system.

If you’d like to give your lungs some extra love for just 7 days and see some amazing things happen, I invite you to receive the 7-Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox!

Here’s how to make it happen…

1. Breathe In Wisdom

Click the book image below to get my in-depth eBook right now. It’s available from Amazon on Kindle and on any device with the free Kindle app like iPhone and Android.

This book will explain how the herbs work, how to use them, and will empower you with everything you need to create a wonderful lung detox using herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Lung Detox

2. Get Your Herbs

I outline several herbs in the 7-Day Herbal Tea Lung Detox book, but you really only need 3 to start and they happen to be some of the most inexpensive and simple to work with. By the time you finish reading you’ll know what they are, why they work, and how to make easy detox tea recipes with them.

Click the link below to visit my favorite herbal tea supplier to get your herbs on their way to your doorstep. Just use the search box in the top right corner of their site to look for your herbs. Feel free to get the smallest 4 ounce size since this is a lot more herb than it sounds like!

Mountain Rose Herbs


3. Breathe In Healing!

You now have everything you need to give your lungs some well deserved nourishment, love, and exercise. Put the information in the book to work for you and see how you feel after 7 days!


Here’s to clean air, open lungs, healthy breathing, and joy all around!


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