How Herbal Tea Heals

Herbal tea heals on many levels and from many levels. A soothing cup of medicinal tea can go to work on our physical body, our mind, our emotions, and even the flow of life energy with our body. Similarly, the physical plant, the energy within it, and even the spirit of the plant play a role in why herbal tea actually works. Understanding how we heal as individuals and how individual herbs heal us helps cultivate a deep respect for plant medicines and the entire herbal tea process. I also believe that the more we know about the healing relationships we can have with herbs, the deeper our bodies will allow those herbs to create change since we will have alleviated any fears, stress, or armor relating to it.


The Human System

The human system is made up of 5 distinct parts that relate to health and healing…

The Body

This is our physical, flesh and bone body. It is made up of organic matter that relies on nutrition and fuel to stay healthy and functional. The physical body is the vessel in which the other parts of the body are housed.

Herbs heal the physical body by providing nutritional elements, vitamins, minerals, and building blocks. They can help the skin repair faster, help muscles develop better, increase the cleanliness of the internal organs through detoxification, and a whole lot more.

The Mind

The mind is not exactly the same as the brain. The mind is the mysterious space where the spiritual world and the everyday world seem to meet one another halfway. Our intuition, creativity, thoughts, definitions, and other ‘abstract’ experiences all happen here.

Herbal tea heals the mind by providing release from anxious and worrisome thoughts, by providing nourishment to the brain which is the seat of the mind, and by giving us a positive and proactive thing to do for our overall well being.

The Emotions

The emotions are tied into the chemistry and actions of the physical body and the happenings within the mind. You could say that they are a kind of feedback system for how we feel, what we experience, and what we think. Our emotions help us define our relationship to the world and to ourselves so that we can make good choices and stay empowered.

Herbs heal the emotions by grounding out emotional ‘static’, soothing the nerves, cultivating positive self feelings, and reconnecting us to the beauty inherent in life. Herbs are able to act on the subtle levels of our being just as well as they act on the physical and chemical levels!

Life Energy

In order for our bodies to be alive and animated, we must have energy. Like any moving thing, we need a power source to live. Life energy, also known as prana, qi, mana, and ki is the often intangible vital force that permeates all life. Energy needs to flow through us clearly and in a state of empowered balance in order for all levels of our being to get the support they need.

Herbal tea helps the health and flow of life energy in the body by cultivating better energy storage, opening up energy flow channels, and by cleansing mis-aligned energy from our systems.


From the level of the soul this life is one part of a greater spiritual journey. Our eternal identity no matter what our bodies may look like, where we may be, or what our circumstances may be is rooted in the spirit soul.

Herbal tea helps us along our spiritual journey by imparting wisdom, connection, and blessings from nature and from the very Source of nature. This aspect of herbal healing is one of the most fascinating and one of the most ancient.


The Healing Herb System

Plants work with us for healing from three distinct levels of their being: the physical and chemical, the energetic, and the spiritual. Each of these levels plays an integral and irreplaceable role in getting the most from our relationship with healing herbs.

The Physical And Chemical

Each plant contains a vast array of chemical compounds, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, volatile oils, and other substances that work with our systems to create change. The physical form of the plant carries these things into our bodies when we make tea from them, and it is by working with the physical and chemical form of whole organic herbs that we start our healing herbal tea journey.

The physical form of the plant is similar to our own physical bodies. It is just one part of the whole being that the plant actually is.

The Energetic

Like humans and animals, plants need life energy to be alive, grow, and connect with the world around them. Plants are amazing conduits for life energy partly because they are rooted in the Earth and connected to the Sky at the same time. Some plants are very much like antenna that call forth pure life energy and store it for when we work with them.

Herbal tea allows us to literally drink life energy through the carrier of water and plant. Each sip of herbal tea made from whole, healthy herbs nourishes our system with vital life energy which increases how much we are able to do for our greater healing.

The Spiritual

Behind all plants is a mysterious spiritual force that has been perceived and worked with by cultures across the span of time. The spirit of a plant is likened to the soul of a human – it is the true identity and power behind the form and the function. When we work with a plant from a place of respect, gratitude, and willingness we are actually creating an intimate relationship with the spirit of that plant which opens us up to deep healing and blessings.


As you can see, herbal tea works on many levels in a variety of ways. Now that you know what’s happening every time you brew and sip you can have greater wisdom about your tea and deeper gratitude for the process… and share it with others!

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