Stress, Worry, and Anxiety

From general stress and upset to chronic worry and intense anxiety, herbal tea can help! The gentle, nurturing, and effective healing power of medicinal tea is the perfect support for anyone who is ready to release the stress and get back to living a centered, grounded, and calm life right now.

For years my anxiety and chronic worry was so bad that it resulted in physical pain, depersonalization, derealization, panic attacks, and a number of trickle-down health issues. When I finally decided to allow plant medicine to help me, everything started to change. I was taking the initiative to make a positive change in my life and this set the ball rolling towards the amazing healing path I’m on right now.

In order to help others benefit from the profound healing qualities of herbal tea, I have created this page to walk you through the steps and get your started…

1. Calm Your Mind With Wisdom

I wrote a straight-forward and empowering book that explains what real people need to know about stress, worry, and anxiety – and tells why and how herbal tea can help in a way that will make sense to you. This book is an easy read that gets right to the information that will help you create positive change and relieve the burden of stress and anxiety cycles. Get the book, read it, talk to your doctor or mental health care provider, and start seeing a vision of what your life can be!

Click the book cover to get it instantly on your Kindle or on any device with the free Kindle app…

Herbal Tea Stress Worry Anxiety

2. Get Tea Empowered

Once you read the book you’ll know which herbs will work best for you, your individual needs, and your comfort zone. Start with just two or three herbs to make a blend and go from there. If you have anxiety about trying herbs, remember that you can brew your tea and take a few sips each day to acclimate your mind and body to the process. I was actually phobic of taking any kind of medications because I feared they would make my anxiety worse, and I can tell you that the only herbs I’ve presented are ones that actually helped in a gentle and stress-free way.

As of now I buy all of my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs simply because they are the most pure, organic, and inexpensive. You can get several herbs for a few dollars each, and the 4 ounce bag size lasts a very long time – so feel free to start small. You can also get any needed supplies like infusers, brewing gear, or mugs while you’re there, but if you have a local tea shop I suggest giving them your business when you can for non-herb supplies as it’s a great way to show your support of small business and your local economy.

Click the link below to visit Mountain Rose Herbs. Use the search bar at the top right of their page to look for the herbs you’d like to work with…

Mountain Rose Herbs

3. Sip and Unfold

Now that you have the information and the tea it’s time to start brewing and becoming! Experiment with the herbs you’ve chosen and start to create a safe and comforting relationship with them. Learn them and openly allow them to help you. The ritual of making tea is just as important as drinking it so make sure that it remains an empowering, proactive, and self-loving process for you – this goes a long way!

Work on your thoughts, fears, patterns, and cycles. Seeking the help of a qualified therapist is a great move at this point. I found a great deal of success in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and my therapist soon learned that I would always have my travel mug filled with tea at every session.

Taking action is what helps your brain and body make positive changes. Keep reading, networking, learning, trying, and healing – and keep your herbal tea with you the whole time. The stress, worry, and anxiety simply cannot exist in the same body as a person who is choosing to take positive action and love themselves!

4. Stay Connected

Check out social media sites that help people with anxiety and stress. Attend local groups if you can. You are also welcome to reach out and connect with me anytime!

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