Releasing Anger With Herbal Tea

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that nearly all imbalances and serious health concerns are rooted in the emotions. Anger, for example, can aggravate and cause imbalances in the Liver, while Liver issues can in turn increase our chances of being in chronic states of anger. Emotions are some of the strongest patterns of energy that move through our being, so learning to identify them, understand how they influence us, and help keep them healthy and balanced is essential for overall wellness. Anger The Teacher Anger has purpose and roots. In the form of being mad, resentful, bitter, […] Read More

Herbal Tea For Worry

Have you ever found your mind bouncing from one negative thought to another? Stayed awake at night trying to find your way out of a sea of thoughts? Worked yourself into an anxiety attack just by what was playing in your head? As someone who’s an expert worrier, I sympathize! Sometimes it seems like my thoughts and feelings go faster than I can keep up with – and I can feel them winding up my muscles, speeding up my heartbeat, and sending me sinking down into a well of despair and hopelessness. In this article I’m going to share […] Read More

Herbal Teas That Calm The Mind And Relax The Body

There’s something instantly nurturing and soothing about steeping a cup of aromatic herbal tea and enjoying the taste of nature one sip at a time, but did you know that the medicinal herbs used in your tea can help take your calm and relaxation to a whole new depth? Herbal tea is a simple, delightful, and truly effective way to work with plant medicine, and many of them can be used to calm the mind and relax the body in ways you may never have expected. Herbs, like most medicines, make changes in the body through chemistry. When we […] Read More

Fighting Allergies With Herbal Tea

Spring has sprung, and in many areas the air is filled with pollen, spores, new mold, and cotton. This is the season when many people find themselves feeling great because of the season change but dealing with stuffiness, sniffling, sneezing, and congestion all the while. To get your body in full spring mode, I’d like to introduce you to three simple allergy herbal tea options that can help clear your head and protect you from the many allergens in the air right now. Enjoy!         Working With Medicinal Simples You are welcome to drink these herbal […] Read More

Blues Chaser Herbal Tea

Let’s face it – no matter how hard any of us tries, sadness and heaviness can get us down. Having the blues is a normal and healthy part of the human experience as long as it comes in for a reason and leaves after a short stay. For times when you just feel down in the dumps and can’t seem to see past the clouds, the herbal tea recipe I’ll share with you today is a real joy-bringer!   Remember that excessive sadness, despair, or depression that stays for a long time or seems severe to you or the […] Read More

Stress Tonic Herbal Tea Recipe

I am about to share my favorite personal daily herbal tea recipe with you, and I hope that each and every one of you will go out of your way to try this tea and see just why I hold it in such high esteem. Tonic teas are amazing because they are extremely gentle to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies while at the same time delivering powerful support that can help us adapt our life path. Tonic herbs are plants that work smoothly and consistently over time to help us make positive changes in our lives from the […] Read More

3 Reasons To Grow Lemon Balm This Year

I love gardening, and even though I don’t have a huge yard with lots of workable soil, I find creative ways to use containers and pots to watch all of my favorite medicinal herbs sprout. Many people have been asking me what they should grow this year and which herbs are the friendliest to new herb growers, and I’m going to answer that question today! I love Lemon Balm. Not only is this one of the herbs I work with personally on healing and spiritual levels, I love how fragrant, beautiful, and approachable it is. This herbal tea is […] Read More

Healing Herbal Tea : Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm herbal tea is one of my personal favorites, and one that’s celebrated by herbal tea enthusiasts across the world thanks to its synergistic qualities and amazing flavor. No matter what blend of herbs you use to create your favorite tea, a pinch of lemon balm can help the flavors mingle while adding a light and refreshing energy to the overall flavor. Lemon Balm is a favorite because it calms and gives gentle joy without being a true sedative which means it’s a great all-purpose stress and tonic herbal tea to have on hand. The Healing Properties Of […] Read More

Joyful Herbal Teas

Sometimes we just don’t feel as light and happy as we’d like. Stress, depression, fatigue, poor diet, and other issues can creep in under the radar and prevent us from experiencing the joy we deserve. The good news is that there are several herbal teas that can help dust off your joy potential and get you feeling great in no time! Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite ‘smile inducing’ herbal teas, and encourage you try them all when you get the chance. Most of these teas are single herbs, so you can find them at […] Read More