3 Herbal Teas That Boost Metabolism

When it comes to kicking the metabolism into high gear so that calories and fat can be burned more efficiently, nothing makes it easier than herbal tea! Sipping a delicious blend throughout the day is a great way to offset meals or sedentary periods so that your body temperature stays up and your system keeps the burn happening. Today we’re going to look at three classic herbal teas that have been used to give the metabolism and gentle boost with none of the stimulant side effects.

Metabolism Power

Our metabolism defines how our bodies break down food and turn it into energy. If we have a slow and sluggish metabolism our bodies may be forced to rely solely on foods to get us through the day instead of fat stores. A high metabolism causes the body to burn food and fat to keep us going strong at high energy levels for longer periods of time.

There are lots of factors that influence why each person’s individual metabolism works the way it does including genetics, hereditary issues, illness, diet, and living a sedentary lifestyle.

The best way to get your system into fat burning mode is to make it need to do so. How do you make this happen? Burn calories! Take walks, lift weights, and go for swims. Do things that show your body that it needs to kick itself into high gear and start burning fat stores. Adding natural organic herbal tea to the mix can help get things moving faster so that you see results and stay motivated.

Herbal Tea For Metabolism Boosting

Here are just three of the most common herbs used in tea to help fire up the metabolic process in the body so that you can start feeling and looking great fast!


Believe it or not, bladderwrack is actually a seaweed! This black herb comes from the garden of the sea and it packs the traditional salty taste you’d expect from aquatic plants.

Bladderwrack herbal tea works on the thyroid and is considered to be a thyroid tonic due to its soothing effects and high iodine content. It also gives the metabolism a nice boost so that the body can start working towards a more healthy weight balance.

Use bladderwrack herb in small doses in fragrant blends to mask its salty, aquatic taste.


This is my favorite metabolism herb because it gets to work fast and always does a great job. Sarsaparilla herbal tea gently stimulates and fires up the metabolism so that the body uses up fats and carbs in a healthier way. This herb is included in just about every weight loss and fat burning blend and its gentle effects makes it a great option for many people.

Ginger Root

You can literally feel ginger herbal tea raise the body temperature slightly as the metabolism kicks into high gear. This herb is favored in the East because when the body temperature gets slightly raised, it doesn’t feel as hot outside as it may be.

In addition to turning up the fat burning heat in the body, ginger root herbal tea also gets the body’s digestive process in high gear so that fats, carbs, and nutrients get handled in a faster and more efficient way.

Try these herbs in your own metabolism herbal tea blend or on their own. You can also look for them in pre-made herbal tea blends and you’ll know just why they work so well!

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Josh Williams