Book Review : 20,000 Secrets Of Tea

Lots of people ask me about reference books and how to learn about herbal tea without digging in from the perspective of professional herbalism. 20,000 Secrets Of Tea by Victoria Zak is one of the books I most often recommend. This text is so approachable, relevant, and fun that everyone I know who has it turns to it over and over again.

20,000 Secrets Of Tea contains 100 listings for the most common herbs you’ll see in use in simples and blends. The author has painstakingly listed each herb by its common name and included its scientific name as well for easy classification. Since many plants have many varieties, it’s good to learn from the get-go which are considered to be most medicinal.

Under each herb you’ll find a wealth of information covering folk usage, modern scientific findings, and popular usage. The author sections out each herb by healing remedy so that it’s easy to skim to the topic you want to look at without reading the entire section.

This book also offers a complete index where you can look up herbs by ailment. This is so helpful! I often look to this book to fine tune clinical herbal research and see how the author has applied the same information to specific tea wisdom.

In addition to the 100 herbal profile and healing index, you’ll also find tons of practical and useful information about the history of tea, how to select herbs, how to create the perfect brew every time, and lots of extras that will leave you loving every page.

20,000 Secrets Of Tea is user friendly, positive, approachable, and in-depth beyond other books I’ve found. I love this book and have suggested it to herbal tea newbies and seasoned herbalists alike because it is so well-rounded. This is a must-have addition to any herbal tea enthusiast’s bookshelf!

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This review is based on my own self-purchased copy of this book. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.