Color Healing

One of my favorite ways to get more intentional healing energy into my life is with color. Colors are the emissaries of light, and they literally create waves of energy that enter into our being to create change both in the mind and in our energy field. Colors have been used by healing facilitators, marketing professionals, and spiritual seekers alike to elicit changes in people and even to influence them, and you can tap into this same power by applying color healing basics to your own life!

How Color Heals

Colors heal by helping to create change within our being. When colors enter our eyes through our vision, our brains will go through actual changes in response. Just like music or scent can evoke changes, so can colors. In addition to this biological shift, the energy of colors can also interact with the energy fields of our bodies to create change. This is most known in the relationship between chakras and colors and the power that simply wearing a certain color can have over the health of a chakra energy center.

Colors All Around!

Did you know that you are influenced by colors all the time? That red menu in the restaurant may help to fire up your appetite and make you eat faster so the table can be used for the next customer after you’ve paid for a meal way too big to eat! Hospitals and doctor’s offices use blues and greens to help elicit calming and relaxation in their patients. Marketing and advertising companies use greens, reds, oranges, and blues to get you in the mood to buy, fall in love with a product, feel safe in a store, or get emotionally involved in a company. Even the clothing and accessories you choose every day be a subconscious way to surround yourself with a color you are in need of.

How To Heal With Color

There are two easy ways to use the power of color for healing. The first is simply to wear or surround yourself with color. Go lay on the grass for green, stare at the endless sky for blue, put on your favorite orange sweater for that color, or go swimming for blue. The other option is to simply imagine or visualize that you are surrounded with light in the color of your choice. Feel the color all around you. Breathe it into yourself, exhale it, and feel held by it. Either option is a great way to open yourself up to the vibrational shifts that color can offer.

The Healing Colors

Here is a brief introduction to several powerful healing colors and what they can do to help you!


Red inspires energy, power, and action. This color can help get us fired up to get a job done, or help us have the courage to stand up for ourselves. Red can also stir up feelings of love, lust, and passion – use with care!

Red helps heal and strengthen the flow of blood, the heart, and the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Red can also increase anger – so it’s best used by people who have a calm and passive demeanor.


Orange is a wonderful color to help chase away the blue and bring in more joy. It strengthens and tonifies the immune system and can help the body replace toxins with nutrients.


This solar color is linked to the mind and the power of thought. It can help rid one of negative thinking, and clear cobwebs from the mind.

Yellow is also a great aid in digestion and stomach issues as well as tension in the solar plexus and diaphragm areas of the body.


Green is the color of nature, and it relates directly to feelings of true love, compassion, and spiritual development. Green can be used to open up the heart with trust and sincerity to help one feel safe and connected in the world. It can also help us connect to nature so that we remember just how part of it all we really are.

Green is an all-purpose healing color that’s good for whatever ails you!


This is the color of peace, serenity, and calming. Blue helps us find comfort in ourselves and experience peace within any storm.

Blue cools and chills the body which makes it a great color for heat, fevers, anger, and anxiety.


Purple is the ultimate color of spirituality, authenticity, and love. This color rules the topmost crown chakra and helps us connect to our highest potentials and our endless connections to Source.

Purple can also help us overcome issues of self-doubt, insecurity, lack, and toxic beliefs.

Here’s to the full spectrum of color healing!

Josh Williams