Herbal Teas For Autumn

Fall is in full swing and there’s no better time to fire up the kettle and start enjoying a new variety of warm herbal teas than right now! I love the autumn time because the world is filled with so many color, scents, and activities. I find that it’s this season more than any other that I brew the most herbal tea – both for the flavor and the endless medicinal properties. In celebration of the season, I’d like to introduce you to a few herbs that make amazing fall herbal tea brews and encourage you to try them yourself this season! Since the fall is all about earthy spices, you have a lot of room to play with. Spiced teas are very forgiving and are a great place to start making up your own herbal tea blends or experimenting with flavor combinations.



There’s no herb that says fall to me more than cinnamon. This amazing herb is actually a bark, and it’s tough and rugger appearance hides the delicate spicy-sweetness of its flavor.

Cinnamon is a warming, calming, and joyful herb that I like to add to floral blends during the fall to spice things up a bit. Whenever cold is an issue, stirring your tea with a cinnamon stick will help get you warm again!

Cinnamon is packed with antiseptic properties that make it a great help during seasons where lots of bugs are going around. Its warming nature also makes it a favorite for people who experience pain, stiffness, or swelling during cold seasons.

star anise herbal tea

Star Anise

While this beautiful seed has been used for ages as a healing remedy – it hasn’t always been in the form of tea! It’s unique shape has made it a favorite charm against the ‘evil eye’ in several cultures across Europe and the Middle East, and many people still carry it to this day to help keep the bad vibes away.

Anise as an herbal tea is a wonderful fall treat. It’s sweet, light, and decadent all at once while also delivering a spicy kick. It makes a great stand-along tea, or an addition to seasonal floral or spicy blends.

Anise is a great option during this time of year also because it can help soothe sore throats and coughs by coating the mouth and throat with a protective healing coat.


Oat Straw

I am a huge fan of all things oats, and oatstraw herbal tea is one of my favorites all year long. I love the light, earthy, comforting flavor this herb infuses into herbal tea, and I love how easy it is to incorporate into blends. Oatstraw is a great ‘base’ to start a seasonal holiday blend with since it supports spicy and sweet herbs really well and helps round them out so they don’t get overpowering.

Oatstraw is a soothing and nurturing herbal tea to enjoy during the autumn season because it helps calm the mind, strengthen the immune system, and balance out our energy reserves.

pumpkin seed herbal tea

Pumpkin Seeds

You read that right! Adding raw or roasted pumpkin seeds to any spicy herbal tea blend will impart a rich, pumpkin flavor that celebrates this season perfectly!

Pumpkin seeds are a true superfood, and adding them to tea brings out the best in their many healing properties while spoiling us with their amazing flavor and aroma.

sage herbal tea


I love sage herbal tea, and if you’ve never tried it – this is the season to make it happen!

Sage is potent yet palatable herb that infuses beautifully as a tea. It’s so strong that a little goes a long way, and it’s so flavorful that it may make surprise appearances in some of your favorite herbal tea blends without you even noticing!

Sage is known as the herb of wisdom as it tonifies the mind and inspires the heart. It’s a great sipping tea during long books, before and after meditations, or while gazing into warm fall fireplaces. Sage warms the body, clears the sinuses and nasal passages, cleanses and protects the respiratory system, and helps get the liver primed for a season of heavy foods. It’s the perfect flavor and healer for the fall season!

Try any of these herbs on their own, or combine them to create your own unique seasonal blends. If you’ve got a favorite or a personal recipe, feel free to share it in the comments section below!

To find organic versions of all of these herbs, look for the ‘where I buy my herbs’ section on the right sidebar and I’ll show you the best places to order online.

Have a wonderful fall season!

Josh Williams Herbalist