Imagination For Deep Healing

I’m sure it’s no shock to you that herbal tea is my favorite modality for healing. I love the process, the plants, and the positive effects this sacred tradition offers us – and I love how much a part of the process we get to be when we work with it. Although herbal tea is my first love, there’s a close second! Working with the power of the mind! I love the idea that we can spend time creating positive, healthy, and inspiring images and feelings within our imaginations and get healing benefits from them. It turns out that our brains are willing to change if we show them how – and when they change, everything else changes too!

Imagination is the process of placing yourself into situations that please you – right here, right now. This isn’t daydreaming about the future or reminiscing about the past. It’s about experiencing amazing things in this moment from who you are in this instant.

How To Use Imagination For Healing

One of the best ways to use your imagination for healing is to relax, put a gentle smile on your face, and let your imagination place you into a state of healing. Pretend, make believe, imagine, or visualize that right now in this instant you are exactly as you want to be – healthy, happy, and whole. If you find your mind wandering into the future, fears, the past, worries, or anything that’s not present and positive, gently bring it back and re-focus.

Here’s the easy process I use as I fall asleep each night…

  • Spend a few moments thinking about good things from my day
  • Consciously relax my whole body from my toes to my head
  • Follow my breath and let it relax and even out
  • Consider what I’d like for myself
  • Align, enter into, or assume that thing in this moment
  • Lie in bed in a state of happiness, peace, and gratitude for feeling that what I want is actualized and happening now

It may seem simple, but once you try this you’ll be addicted to the positive energy, optimism, and changes it creates!

What You’ll Get

I mentioned above that the brain is willing to change. When we imagine and use creative visualization, we are basically giving the organic brain, mind, emotions, energies, and patterns some instructions to use for change. We’re saying ‘this is what I want… I’m not going to control or micro-manage how I get it because  I trust that my body and mind know how to heal themselves… I’m just going to focus on the outcome I want and trust that the process will unfold properly”.

The very first time you practice this you will experience changes. You’ll feel different – better. You’ll get your hope back, gain some self-esteem that’s been lost along the way, and remember why you deserve to be healthy, happy, and whole.

Make It Ten-Fold Powerful

Try including your favorite healing herbal tea blends in your imagination. Sip before, during, and after to really ground the process and make it real. The cool thing is that your mind will start to associate the good feelings you generate with the practice with the taste and smell of you tea so you end up with effortless benefits every time you sip!