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Among the ‘green blooded’ people, those who love plants, there seems to be an endless stream of synchronicity. We often find ourselves in the same places at the same time, reaching for the same book at the bookstore, or wandering on the same paths in the wilderness. In the case of Sacred Blossom Farm, we found ourselves agreeing on the term ‘Living Herbal Tea’ as a poetic and poignant way of stating just how we feel about plant medicine.

Sacred Blossom Farm is a project run by my friend Tony DiMaggio in Wisconsin. He grows herbs and sources them directly from other farmers who grow using heart-centered, sustainable methods that are good for the planet and the herbs. Not only does Tony know how to grow, he also knows how to blend and brew. His blends are some of the best I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot!), and the way in which he combines herbs for wellness, aroma, flavor, and energy is something to be celebrated.

You know by now that when it comes to vibrant herbal teas, I always go for whole-herbs that have been grown and blended in ways that are deeply respectful and fully inspired. Tony meets and exceeds all of my personal expectations of a good therapeutic tea, and he does it with a passion and humility that’s inspired me personally in my own work.

Below is a photo of Tony carefully laying out freshly-harvested herbs to be dried in a way that preserves their color, aroma, flavor, and medicinal benefits…

It’s one thing to enjoy a cup of herbal tea made from whole herbs that haven’t been pulverized, handled roughly, and heat-dried like those found in commercial pre-packaged tea bags… it’s quite another thing to enjoy herbal teas that have been respected and loved from planting to harvest, blending to bottling. I consider myself to be an admittedly snobby herbal tea connoisseur, and I can say that Tony’s blends and the herbs that make them happen are among my absolute favorites.

For the 2017 year, Tony offers us three blends that I can’t say enough about…

Focus up, feel clear, and get some adaptogen love with this complex blend that’s at once earthy and sweet.

I’ve been enjoying this tea every day for a week… it’s already time to stock up!
Some of my favorite calming, nervine, and relaxant herbs make up this blend. I sip it all day. The nettles, apples, and beets help prevent it from making me sleepy while ensuring I stay calm and relaxed no matter what the day might bring.

Sleep is sacred and essential. Sip on this blend as part of your bedtime relaxation process. It will help calm your mind and your body so that you can sleep deep and wake up feeling your best tomorrow.

Please check Sacred Blossom Farm out online… and support their work in any way you can! These teas are some of my favorite gifts for others- the vibrant colors and aromas make them a wonderful gift of love to anyone in your life.

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