Warming Herbal Teas

As the weather changes this season, knowing how to use warming herbal teas can be a great way to help your body and mind transition in to cold weather months. Warming teas help increase circulation, boost metabolism, and add extra heat energy to the body for comfort, protection, and relaxation.

Here are a few of my favorite warming herbal teas that are sure to be a welcome treat for you and your loved ones this winter!


By far the most popular warming drink is ginger herbal tea. Ginger has the ability to increase circulation which creates warmth and healing throughout the whole body. When most people try ginger tea for the first time, they are surprised to find that they feel their bodies warm up, open up, and relax from head to toe!


Peppermint, one of the most popular teas from around the world, is a sweet and enjoyable way to warm and stimulate the whole body. This is a great way to deal with mild chills or the onset of a cold when you need to keep moving since peppermint also helps give you a little bit of extra energy to get through the day.

Cinnamon Sticks

Using cinnamon sticks to stir just about any herbal tea is a great way to add warmth and savory flavor to your favorite blends. using a cinnamon stick to stir hot tea will impart some of its heat and flavor so that you can get the benefits of your blend while adding the warmth of cinnamon at the same time.


Stay warm!