2013 Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you have an herbal tea lover in your life, I’m going to stock you up on some great ideas for gifts they’ll absolutely love! While this little gift list has been created with some of my personal favorites from 2013 for gift giving, there’s no reason you can’t also treat yourself! These gift ideas for tea lovers are based on trends I’ve seen on my Facebook page and blog, as well as things I’ve picked up for myself in recent months. I chose a selection of items to fit every price range, and made sure that all of the items in the list can be used and enjoyed by people who like all types of teas. Happy shopping!

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If your tea enthusiast loves to read or is constantly looking up the properties of various healing herbs online, these books will make the perfect gifts that will keep on giving…

An A-Z of healing herbal teas with lots of information about brewing, storing, and making recipes.

A concise book of simple recipes for a huge array of needs! Beautifully illustrated and formatted.

Tea Accessories

The Bodum ‘tea for one’ double-wall mug makes it super easy to brew a cup of healing tea no matter where you are! Infuser is built right in!

The Bodum Shin Cha tea press is so amazing! I love making up a full pot of healing herbal tea for friends and being able to watch as the colors come to life in the teapot. I also love this pot because it’s made from glass – a safe alternative to plastics! The stainless infuser is right inside so this teapot has everything you need.

Libre Tea 04 BLANK

The Libre Tea Glass is all the rage among tea enthusiasts these days – and I love mine! This vessel is glass on the inside and tough plastic on the outside meaning less breaks and more heat insulation. It has a 2-part lid with a built in infuser so you can literally steep tea on the go and sip wherever you are! Mine fits right in my car cup holder so I always have hot tea on hand.

The OXO good grips twisting tea ball is so much fun! This infuser holds your loose leaf tea or herbs and can be dunked right into your favorite mug. It makes it easy to stir your tea while the infusion happens, and its design is amazing. Unlike other spoon and ball infusers, this one gives herbs room to unfold and breathe during the infusion process.

Herbs & Blends

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Mountain Rose Gift CertificateMountain Rose Gift Certificate

This is the perfect gift for the herbal tea lover! Let them go on a tea shopping spree at my absolute favorite online herbal store!

MRH Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal Tea Blends

Stuff stockings or create samplers with these organic herbal tea blends. Choose from a huge variety!


Green Tea Blends

Choose from an amazing variety of green tea blends. All organic and all delicious!

herbal tea pot

Herbal Tea Pots

Choose from a gorgeous selection of traditional and modern tea pots that are perfect for all kinds of tea!

Happy shopping!

Josh Williams Herbalist