Breathing In Peace

We all know that setting our minds on positive, healthy things can create amazing change sin our lives. Letting go of cynical, negative, pessimistic, and imbalanced thoughts allows the mind and the body to heal fully without all of the toxicity those thoughts bring in, but did you know that there’s a powerful and easy way to deepen this practice? Incorporating good thoughts in good breathing helps the body and the mind fully receive what’s being generated through our body’s most essential process – and the results can be instant and amazingly powerful!

Today, I’d like to show you a really easy technique for quieting the body, mind, and emotions while also opening them up fully to receive and believe any positive energies and messages you’re ready to bring into your life.

Brew some of your favorite herbal tea. Taking time to do self care and nourish your body and mind with plant medicine is a wonderful way to get ready for healing.

Create a quite, safe, and comfortable place for yourself to be undisturbed for about 10 minutes. Feel free to add music, prayer, candles, symbols, or anything else that creates the perfect sacred space for you. Spend a few moments contemplating what positive message you’d like to bring into your life. Here are a few examples…

I am safe in the world

I deserve the very best this life has to offer

I am capable of healing, and I am healing

I generate peace wherever I am at

This body is my home, and I love it

Bring attention to your breathing. Take slow, even breaths down into your belly. Let your diaphragm do all the work and ensure that your chest and shoulders stay relaxed. Your breath should still your chest and expand your stomach when inhaling. Once your breath is centered…

Recite your statement or just feel the energy of it as you inhale. Feel it rushing into your being with each inhalation, being absorbed into every fiber of your being openly and with trust.

When you exhale, go ahead and choose to release anything and everything that stands in the way of you having the life you deserve. You may visualize it as thick  black smoke, sensations of tension, words, images, or feelings.

Continue to breathe in the good and release what you want to. Don’t force or coerce anything here. Just let it happen – your body and mind will jump at the chance to do this kind of deep spiritual healing. If you feel stuck, just be patient and take your time. Sometimes old patterns and habits die hard, so see this as a journey and not an event that has to wrap up completely today. Come back every day if you can, or as often as you need to in order to keep progressing.

Pretty easy, right?

This practice may seem simplistic, but it’s actually very deep. We are essentially incorporating positive thinking and healing with the power of our breath, so the whole process is extremely natural for our entire  being. I suggest practicing this every day if you can. It makes a great gateway into sleep, or a wonderful energizer during a lunch break.

Josh Williams