Using Extracts & Tinctures With Herbal Tea

Many people rely on the healing power of herbal tinctures and extracts. These concentrated plant medicines are a truly effective way to get the good stuff your body needs right where it’s needed as quickly as possible. Extracts and tinctures are great options because they come in liquid form which is highly digestible, they interact with your entire digestive system which helps your body accept them more readily, and they bring a wealth of natural healing power in a very small dose. Because tinctures and extracts are so popular, many people have asked me about mixing them with herbal tea. Is is possible to blend your favorite extract with your favorite herbal tea blend? And if so, how should you do it?

Extracts & Herbal Tea – More Similar Than Different

While it can be easy to see bottled extracts and tinctures as a completely different thing that fresh brewed medicinal herbal tea, they actually have more in common than any other plant medicine forms.

Liquid tinctures and extracts are created by infusing alcohol, glycerin, or water with the good stuff inside the plants. Does that sound familiar? We do the same thing with tea! The difference is that extracts are extremely potent and they are meant to have a long and potent shelf life whereas herbal tea is meant to be experienced fresh as part of an active process.

When working with extracts and tinctures, you are basically working with the most fundamental healing elements the plant contains. The process of creating the extract is all about getting the good stuff from the plant and concentrating it so that you can work it seamlessly into your life.

Jing Herbs

How To Create An Herbal Tea Extract

This is so simple – and I hope that you put this to work right away!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your extract or tincture
  • Your favorite herbal tea blend or simple
  • A tea mug

To begin, start brewing your tea. If you’re going hot, get the water to a boil. If you’re going cold, follow this cold steeped herbal tea how-to.

Once the tea is ready to be enjoyed, add your tincture or extract. Follow the manufacturer’s directions or the advice offered by your health care professional. If your extract suggests 30 drops taken three times per day, go ahead and add 30 drops of your extract right into your tea.

It’s important to consider that when you combine herbal tea with extracts, you are combining herbs. Make sure that the herbs you mix will work in synergy and health with one another.

Herbal Tea Extract

Extract Herbal Tea Examples

For this photo how-to, I used Three Brothers from Jing Herbs. This is a powerful blend of Chinese herbs that support energy, immunity, and digestion – something we can all use in the modern day. I created a nutritive herbal tea made from chamomile flowers, stinging nettle, and plantain into which I added my daily dose of Three Brothers.

I also use herbal tea as a base for extracts like grapefruit seed and various plant specifics. A floral blend of chamomile, lavender, and linden flower makes a great home for a few drops of valerian extract to create a truly powerful calming drink. Lemon verbena is a simple tea to get grapefruit seed extract into your body with none of the sour faces.

Herbal Tea Extract 02

The next time you need a powerful extract in your life to combat an illness or get your spirits up, try marrying it with herbal tea. This process allows you to engage all of your senses so that your body is more likely to openly receive the healing goodness, and the process of creating these blends is truly empowering!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your herb mixing articles. Herbs and tea seems to make sense to me as well. I do often add drops of tinctures in my tea since having obtain some of the latest like Echinacea and D-Stress both are from Dimmak Herbs (; Urban Moonshine has some wonderful bitters like their Energy Tonics I have mixed in my teas (green teas) to be specific. Lately, I have been trying Sweegrass Herbals tinctures; they have a sleep dropper and Energy Boost made with tulsi, reishi, milky oats, ginseng, wild blueberry, nettle etc. I add a few drops in my tea or plain glass of water and enjoy. In all, it is something to have besides a plain glass of water.

    Thanks, take care,
    Ainee Beland

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