Easing Menstrual Cramps With Herbal Tea

One of the most frequent questions I get from women is about relieving menstrual cramps with herbal tea. It seems that we instinctively know that sipping a warm or cool herbal blend will do exactly what we need it to – and dealing with cramps is a great way to connect with the real healing power of plant medicine! If cramps are getting in the way of you celebrating your cycle, I invite you to explore the herbs and recipes I’ll share with you in this post and let these amazing plants help take away the pain without all the harmful side effects.

Don’t Cramp My Cycle!

Menstrual cramps happen as a result of some pretty amazing things happening within a woman’s body during her monthly cycle. While the old lining of the uterus is being released, hormones are being changed, and fertility cycles are being aligned, there’s a whole lot happening in a very small space. Cramps kick in as smooth muscle lining in the uterus and within other parts of the reproductive system reacts to the events taking place – but they’re not a necessary part of the process. When women are able to calm and tone the smooth muscles and skeletal muscles, and when they’re able to help the menses process along, cramps can be lessened so that the cycle can be less of a struggle and more a sacred time of personal power.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a few herbal teas that can nurture and help you throughout your entire cycle, and I’ll also share my favorite herbal tea blend for getting through menstruation with no cramps and lots of joy. I’ve become close to these herbs because I have the blessing of working with so many women every day through this blog and especially through the Living Herbal Tea Facebook Page. I hope you benefit from them as much as other have!

Herbal Tea For Cramps

Each of these herbs can be enjoyed solo or as an addition to your favorite calming and comforting blend…



Chamomile is the first herbal tea I suggest to women who are dealing with painful menses. The reason I love this herb so much for what’s happening during menstruation is that it helps on two levels.

First, chamomile is expert at soothing and relaxing both smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. It is used by many herbalists to help relax and relieve sore muscles while helping to take pain away from internal and surface muscle structures.

Second, chamomile has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the best anti-anxiety and calming herbal teas. The sweet, apple-like taste and aroma of this tea gets to work calming nerves, balancing emotions, and soothing stress.

Chamomile tea is super gentle and highly effective. This is a tea that you can sip from the beginning of your cycle until the end to keep your body, mind, and emotions in a joyful place.

The organic Chamomile flowers I use can be found HERE.


Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh is a powerhouse herb that doesn’t mess around. This herb is so tough that a literal pinch added to another blend is all it takes to get the benefits you need!

Black cohosh herbal tea brings out the relaxant and pain relieving properties of this root. This tea is so effective that many people use it faithfully to deal with intense arthritis pain and inflammation.

Herbal tea made from black cohosh root acts on the uterine lining to help soothe and relax while relieving the entire area of pain. It’s also a carrier for phytoestrogens which can help ease the mestruation process and make it happen more smoothly.

Again, use this herb sparingly. A small pinch added to a greater calming blend is the best way to go. Black cohosh should be used only during your cycle and then stopped to give your body a break.

Picking the right Black Cohosh is important to making good herbal tea.



If you feel that your menstrual cramps have more to do with anxiety and nerves than they do anything else, skullcap herbal tea is a great brew to try.

Skullcap is famous for its ability to calm the nerves, deeply relax the entire body, and stop strains and tensions the muscles may endure when stress is high.

For those who deal with an emotionally or mentally painful cycle, skullcap is the way to go!


Cramp Bark

As its name implies, the bark of this large flowering bush is one of nature’s best remedies for even the worst PMS related cramps, pains, and tensions.

Cramp bark and herbal tea blends that contain it help relieve pressure around the uterus, tightness and tension in the lower back, abdominal aching, and fatigue in the legs. It can even help the body prevent water retention and bloating during PMS and your cycle which can be extremely helpful in avoiding pain.

Cramp bark usually shows up in moon, PMS, menstruation, and women’s herbal tea blends in tiny amounts. It makes a great addition to a simple tea like chamomile or peppermint.

menstrual cramps herbal tea recipe

Smooth Cycle Herbal Tea Blend

Try this delicious and gentle blend throughout your cycle to combat cramps, soothe stress, and increase your sense of joy and well-being…

2 parts Chamomile

2 parts Lemon Balm

1 part Skullcap

1 part Lavender Flowers, Linden Flowers, and/or Rose Petals – your choice!

1 pinch Common Sage

1 small pinch Cramp Bark (less than 1/8 tsp. per cup)

Combine the herbs. Steep one Tablespoon of herbs in boiled water for 8 minutes. Cool until comfortably warm, then sip.

Check out this delicious and truly effective organic tea blend
that contains Cramp Bark and Skullcap along with some warming, comforting herbs…

Moon Ease Herbal Tea

I encourage you to explore these herbs and see which ones work best for you! Working with herbal tea is a gentle, effective, and empowering way to handle your cycle without the pain, stress, and fatigue!


Josh Williams Herbalist

Josh Williams is a traditionally-trained Herbalist from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can connect with him for personal consultations at www.HerbalistJosh.com.

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  1. Nice list, some herbs I did not hear about before… I’m curious though why no mention of raspberry leaf and dandelion, I find them very helpful.

  2. Thanks Ivana 🙂

    I tried to focus this list on herbs that are specifics for menstrual cramps. I’ve heard of dandelion root and raspberry leaf both being good options, but they may work best for specific people and may not have as wide a reach as the herbs I listed. They are a great option for people to know about though, so thanks for posting them here! 🙂

  3. Chamomile Tea is amazing for menstrual Cramps. I never heard of the other herbal tea’s, but I can’t to try them! Thanks for the info!

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