Coconut Water Herbal Tea

I am so excited to be sharing this super easy how-to with you! I am a huge coconut water fan both for the flavor and the endless health benefits, and I’ve been using in alongside herbs for some time now. In today’s post I’m going to show you how to combine the power of coconut water and herbal tea to create amazing and delicious healing drinks that can make a great addition to your overall self-care program.





The Benefits Of Coconut Water

Coconut water isn’t just delicious! It packs a whole array of pretty impressive healing qualities that I take advantage of all the time!

  • Packed with electrolytes
  • Filled with B vitamins
  • Helps strengthen and soothe the nerves
  • Hydrates quickly
  • Helps support immune function
  • Offers energy and mood balancing
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Is super low in calories

Pretty sweet, right?

If you happen to have nut allergies, check with a specialist before enjoying coconut water. It is a nut and could be a trigger for some.

Watch the video below and see how I create amazing coconut water herbal tea blends in my kitchen in just minutes using dried and fresh herbs as well as fresh superfoods!


Josh Williams Herbalist



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