Ginkgo Herbal Tea

If ever there was an ancient healing herb to sip in team, ginkgo is it! This amazing tree has over 200 million years of history behind it making it the world’s oldest known living tree and a true relic from the age of the dinosaurs! Ginkgo biloba, which gets its name from the Chinese yin guo, is a beautiful and tough tree that shows up in ornamental gardens and in wild places as well. It has leafs that remind me of a deer’s hoof print, and it provides some pretty amazing shade! It is the leaves, and occasionally the seeds, that are used when brewing ginkgo herbal tea, and today we’ll be exploring just a handful of the healing properties they carry.


Here are just a few of the healing benefits of ginkgo herbal tea! This is a wonderful herb to add to blends that focus on general health and tonic properties, and it’s been used that way in traditional Chinese medicine for years!

Circulation Strength

One of the most amazing benefits you can get from ginkgo herbal tea is help with healthy circulation. The fact is that if blood isn’t flowing, nutrients and fuel aren’t being delivered. Having excellent blood circulation means that every part of your body from the deepest organ to the surface of your skin gets everything they need to stay healthy and perform perfectly.

Ginkgo is known for being an herb that helps brain function – and the reason behind this is that it can greatly increase the flow of blood to the brain so that there’s more alertness, clarity, and function.

As you may have guessed, great circulation also benefits the heart. When the blood flows smooth and strong, high blood pressure can be relieved, the heart can be strengthened, and irregular heartbeats can even be balanced out.

Breathing Easy

A combination of ginkgo herbal tea’s circulatory benefits and affinity for the lungs makes it a great herb to add to lung detox and better breathing blends. It can help clear out congestion, heal the lungs, and even delivers a powerful blast of antioxidants right where they may be needed most. I suggest that all smokers look into adding ginkgo herbal tea to their healing program if their doctor approves.

Ginkgo herbal tea can also be a great tonic tea for those who deal with asthma, especially when allergies are part of the trigger.


Ginkgo herbal tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a treatment against allergies of all kinds. Its effectiveness is widely celebrated, and it turns out that ginkgo leaves can actually block certain substances that may trigger allergy cycles. Because ginkgo also has an affinity for the lungs and circulation, it makes a great addition to teas for people with allergies that tend to settle in or target the respiratory system including the throat and lungs.


Happy Heart Ginkgo Herbal Tea Recipe

This is a wonderful, light, and gentle herbal tea that you can sip as a general heart tonic for great circulation, strengthening, harmonizing, and happiness!

2 parts Linden Flowers

1 part Gingko

1 part Astragalus

Combine herbs. Steep one heaping teaspoon in 16 ounces (one regular mug) of boiling water for 6-8 minutes.


Here’s to easy circulation, a happy heartbeat, and free breathing with the healing power of ginkgo herbal tea!

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