Growing An Herbal Tea Garden

Did you know that you can grow your own herbal tea right at home? That’s right! Whether you have a lot of space outdoors or just a willing window sill, you can easily grow fresh herbs that can be used in some of your favorite herbal tea blends with a simple herbal tea garden.

Growing herbs for tea is as simple as growing culinary herbs. Many people love having fresh mint, basil, rosemary, and thyme in their gardens or windowsill planters, but there’s no reason to stop there! You can also grow a variety of simple herbs that can be added to herbal teas fresh or dried.

Here are a few simply herbal tea garden options that grow well in a variety of climates…



Lemon Balm




In addition to these herbal tea plants, you can grow an even bigger variety based on where you live. Some climates within the USA, for example, are perfect for growing fresh ginger root, passionflower, echinacea, or goldenseal. Part of the fun that goes into growing your own herbal tea plants is researching what will do well where you live.

Growing Herbal Tea Garden

Once your plants have grown up and are ready to be enjoyed in herbal tea, you’ll need to know how to harvest, store, and use them properly. Use the links below to find out how…

How To Harvest Herbs

How To Store Herbal Tea

Parts Of The Plant Used In Herbal Tea

How To Brew Herbal Tea

Happy Spring, and happy herbal tea growing!