How To Take An Herbal Tea Bath

Did you know that you can transform your bathtub into a giant cup of warm, healing herbal tea for your whole body? Bathing in herbal infusions is a wonderful way to delight the senses and benefit from the many healing properties that certain herbs have – and it’s really easy to do! All you need is a tub, some warm water, your favorite organic herbs, and a cloth bag or infuser ball and in no time you’ll be soaking away the stress and nourishing your body with all-natural TLC. Today I’ll be showing you how to make the perfect herbal tea bath, and sharing some of my personal favorite herbal bath recipes with you as well. Enjoy!

How To Make An Herbal Tea Bath

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • About 1/2 cup of your favorite bath herbs for most adults. Use just 2 Tablespoons or so for a child’s bath. See the recipes below for ideas.
  • A mesh bag, big infuser ball, cheesecloth, or old stocking.
  • Epsom salts and/or magnesium if you like.
  • Your warm bath.

Combine the herbs to create about 1/2 cup in total.

Place in a mesh bag, cheesecloth piece toed off with a rubber band, or an old section of stocking. Anything that will keep the herbs separate from the water while still allowing them to infuse.

Place your herb bundle right into your bath and let it soak with you!

How To Herbal Tea Bath

Herbal Tea Bath Recipes

Some people may be sensitive to soaking in certain herbs. When in doubt, test a small spot of the herbal tea inside your arm for any negative signs of interactions.

Soft Skin Herbal Tea Bath

3 parts Oatstraw

1 part Lavender

1 part Chamomile

1 part Rose Hips

1 part Horsetail (optional)

Combine to make 1/2 cup. This is a wonderful, soothing bath that will do some amazing things for your skin!

Deep Relaxation Herbal Bath

1 part Lavender

1 part Rose Petals

1 part Chamomile

1 part Rosemary

Combine to make 1/2 cup

This bath is the perfect remedy to a long, stressful day.

Sore Muscle Relief Herbal Bath

3 parts Chamomile

1 part Hyssop

1 part Arnica

Combine to make 1/2 cup

Good Energy Herbal Tea Bath

1 part Peppermint

1 part Rose Petals

1 part Orange Peel

Combine to make 1/2 cup

Get happy with this soothing yet lively soak!


Happy Herbal Tea Bathing!

Josh Williams Herbalist