Alkalizing Herbal Teas

Did you know that you can rely on the healing power of herbal tea to help gently bring your body’s pH level into a state of healthy alkalinity? It’s true! Water and most medicinal herbs are naturally alkaline – so you can enjoy alkalizing herbal teas to take advantage of the literally endless benefits that a healthy and balanced pH offers your body.

Why Alkaline Is Essential

In order for imbalances and many illnesses to thrive in the body, the environment has to be just right. An acidic environment in the body is perfect for everything from the common cold to cancer, and it also makes diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, obesity, and skin issues quite comfy. On the flip side, an alkaline environment within the body simply does not support these types of diseases and illness among many other health complaints. An alkaline pH is far more balanced, strengthened, and protected – and it’s the perfect environment for our organs, tissues, and immune system to do their best.

How To Go Alkaline

Food is the number one way to get your body into a healthy alkaline pH state.

fast foods, processed and preserved foods, and chemically enhanced foods all support an acidic environment which is why so many people suffer from the illnesses mentioned above these days. Whole foods that are fresh, organic, natural, and good for you support an alkaline system.

While a diet change is the best thing you can do to get and maintain a perfect pH, herbal tea can also help greatly! Water is naturally alkaline, and most medicinal herbs are as well. This means that you can sip your way into a more balanced pH state for better health and happiness without the hassle!

Alkalizing Herbal Teas

While just about every herb and every glass of water (hot or cold!) will have a pH balancing effect, these are a few of the plants that seem to get the job done fastest…







Rose Hips & Petals

Dandelion Root

There’s one thing that all of these herbal teas have in common – they don’t contain caffeine. Caffeine (theine) is an acid-creating substance, so any herbs that contain it naturally should be avoided while you’re getting your pH on track.

For even more alkalizing power, try adding fresh sprigs of mint, a squeeze of lemon, or a piece of fresh ginger root to your favorite blend!

Mountain Rose Herbs 01

To Our Health & Happiness…
Josh Williams Herbalist

2 thoughts on “Alkalizing Herbal Teas”

  1. Great article on herbal alkaline teas!

    On the ph scale, where does the herbal tea stands?

    Wondering, I have been drinking white tea for three years now, is white tea alkaline or acidic? And where does it stand on the ph scale?

  2. Hi Imran,

    There are lots of differences in exact pH when it comes to herbal teas depending on the specific plant being used. 3.1 – 7.1 is the range for pretty much all medicinal plants, but most as a boiled herbal tea will fall closer to the 7 range.

    As for white tea, it will probably fall lower on the scale, meaning a bit more acidic, but the overall acidity will still likely keep it within the generalized alkaline range – especially compared to other common beverages.

    Enjoy! 🙂

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