Herbal Teas For Healthy Teeth & Gums

I know this may sound strange, but did you know that you can effectively use herbal teas for healthy teeth and gums! Sipping on certain herbal teas for healthy teeth and gums bathes your mouth in healing properties while you enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment that only tea can offer. Today, I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite herbs for tea that create great breath, happy teeth, healthy gums, and more!

Why Herbal Tea Helps Teeth & Gums

It’s simple: when you drink herbal tea, you are bathing your teeth and gums in the herb you are drinking. Just like swishing mouthwash around in your mouth, sipping tea exposes all of the delicate parts of your mouth to gentle healing herbs that can have some pretty amazing effects. There are herbs known for helping to rebuild teeth, strengthen enamel, nourish the gums, fight decay, kill bacteria, get rid of inflammation, and a lot more! If you deal with recurring teeth or gum issues, consider adding one of these herbal teas to your weekly sipping schedule!

peppermint herbal tea breath

Bad Breath

You can fight bad breath naturally by using anise, peppermint, or mint herbal tea. I’ve also found that ginger freshens and purifies the breath as well. These herbs can be added to a blend, or taken on their own in order to really make your mouth and breath fresh. The great thing about using herbal tea for fresh breath is that you actually swallow the tea – so you’re cleaning, coating, and soothing your entire upper digestive system – not just your teeth and gums!

Using peppermint or mint is a great alternative to using chemically-ridden breath sprays, strips, and mints. If you grow either of these herbs in your garden or window sill, you can even pluck a leaf, rinse it off, and roll it around in your mouth for 5-10 minutes!

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

Healthy Teeth

Green tea is known for being a natural antioxidant that’s high in fluoride. Drinking green tea can help prevent cavities, reduce decay, and even nourish the gums! For people who smoke or use chewing tobacco, green tea is a must as it can help keep the mouth clean while it delivers antioxidants.

Alfalfa is rich in minerals which can help promote strong teeth and bones. Adding alfalfa to your favorite blend is a great way to benefit from this powerful healing herb!

fennel tea gums

Happy Gums

Fennel and thyme, in addition to green tea, are all favorites for the gums. As natural anti-bacterial and anti-biotic herbs, they can help reduce the risk of infections, soothe the delicate tissues of the gums, and wipe out any nasty stuff in the mouth. These herbs are actually really pleasant to drink, and also make a great addition to blends.


Here’s to healthy teeth and happy gums with the power of healing herbs!