Healing Herbal Tea : Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm herbal tea is one of my personal favorites, and one that’s celebrated by herbal tea enthusiasts across the world thanks to its synergistic qualities and amazing flavor. No matter what blend of herbs you use to create your favorite tea, a pinch of lemon balm can help the flavors mingle while adding a light and refreshing energy to the overall flavor. Lemon Balm is a favorite because it calms and gives gentle joy without being a true sedative which means it’s a great all-purpose stress and tonic herbal tea to have on hand.

The Healing Properties Of Lemon Balm Herbal Tea

Lemon Balm, also called Melissa, has a variety of healing qualities which is why it’s been a favorite among herbalists and tea fans across the ages. Here are just a few of my favorite uses for the amazing melissa officinalis leaves…

Melissa Herbal Tea

  • Because of its natural tonic and stress-relieving properties, Lemon Balm herbal tea is a great defense against allergies and asthma. It helps relax the respiratory system in a gentle way so that breathing happens easier, and it has natural antiviral and antibacterial powers which help keep the body clean in every season.
  • As a natural antidepressant, Lemon Balm lifts the spirits while it calms the nervous system. This is a great tea tonic for anyone who experiences the combination of anxious tension and depression.
  • Melissa Herbal Tea is a great addition to any stress, anxiety, or tension blend. It gets along well with most herbs in both flavor and effect, and tends to add a light and joyful energy to any brew. Lemon Balm has an amazing flavor that the body, mind, and emotions seem to respond very well to.

If you’re looking for a natural way to beat stress and strain without using the more intensive sedative herbs, this may be the best choice for you. Lemon Balm calms without causing drowsiness, and acts as a systemic tonic that really lifts the spirits!

Here’s my pick for the best Lemon Balm Herbal Tea. This one comes from Traditional Medicinals and is organic, fresh, and my favorite variety thus far…




2 thoughts on “Healing Herbal Tea : Lemon Balm”

  1. Great Josh, thank you. Just curious, how do you store all your herbal teas? I’m not sure I have the room to keep all these delicious teas you keep introducing me to lol!

  2. Hi Melanie!

    I love picking up canning jars to store my herbs. They come in a variety of sizes and stack well. I usually buy organic herbs in bulk (4-8 ounces at a time which is a lot more than it sounds), put them into clean glass canning jars, and tuck them away in a dark cabinet. It can definitely get overwhelming to have tons of herbs on hand, so I always suggest just having those that are the most meaningful and helpful to you. If you have stress, keep calming teas and some tonic teas on hand. If you get recurring lung issues, keep breathing and lung healing teas on hand. This way you don’t overwhelm yourself and you take time to get to know the herbs that can help you out in a really intimate way.

    Thanks for the comment!

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