3 Reasons To Grow Lemon Balm This Year

I love gardening, and even though I don’t have a huge yard with lots of workable soil, I find creative ways to use containers and pots to watch all of my favorite medicinal herbs sprout. Many people have been asking me what they should grow this year and which herbs are the friendliest to new herb growers, and I’m going to answer that question today!

I love Lemon Balm. Not only is this one of the herbs I work with personally on healing and spiritual levels, I love how fragrant, beautiful, and approachable it is. This herbal tea is an excellent intro to any new herbal tea enthusiast, and it has one of the most gentle and well-rounded medicinal profiles. For these reasons and a few more I’ll cover later one, I am putting Lemon Balm in the limelight as this year’s must grow medicinal herb!

Here are the top 3 reasons why every garden, container, porch, or windowsill should have a lemon balm plant growing this year…

1) Don’t Bug Me!

Lemon Balm is an amazing defense against mosquitoes and other irritating insects. Just having this plant around will keep the bugs at bay. Lemon Balm, like citronella, has a scent that mosquitoes cannot stand. I think Lemon Balm smells amazing and nothing like citronella, but the bugs disagree. Having this sweet little plant on hand will help keep you free from bites without relying on nasty chemicals.

2) It’s All Good!

Lemon Balm is one of my favorite all-purpose tonic teas for cultivating calm. This tea goes to work fast soothing the nervous system, quieting the mind, and opening the heart. It is known for its abilities to fight off depression, lift the blues, sweeten a sour day, and even quell mild anxiety and worry. This is a maintenance tea that can be enjoyed daily by most people who deal with the blues or times of anxiety and stress. It also plays well with others and makes a great addition to calming, sedative, nervine, and anti-depressant blends. Other herbs that go great with Lemon Balm tea are German Chamomile, Skullcap, Lavender, and Passionflower.

3) Be Blessed!

I have a deep spiritual connection with the spirit of the Lemon Balm plant, and I suggest that anyone who feels resonant to its healing abilities do the same. This plant is the perfect addition to our bust 2013 lives as it help calm us while reminding us that joy, love, and happiness are always available if we learn to see them. The spirit and energy of the Lemon Balm plant is sweet, quiet, comforting, and extremely easy for everyone to experience in a safe and acceptable way I’ve worked with to date. The smell alone seems to lift clouds, and the sweetness hides the plants ability to do some major damage to viruses and other nasty things trying to cause your body trouble.


Lemon Balm is a definite must have in your herb collection, and when you plant and grow Melissa Officinalis from seed you will create a personal relationship with this plant that will allow the healing power to reach even deeper into your being.


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