An Empowering Herbal Tea Ritual

The process of choosing, preparing, and then enjoying a cup of herbal tea can be a deeply healing, meditative, and transformative process. In cultures all around the world there is herbal tea ritual and tradition centered around taking tea, and in the modern day you can also tap into the power of the process in your own special way. Today, I’d like to share a few ideas with you about transforming your herbal tea sipping experience into something with great potential for healing, contemplation, empowerment, inspiration, and peace.

The Power Of Ritual

Ritual is anything we do with higher intention. It is actions taken to invoke a response from our lives, and it can be as simple as preparing a cup of our favorite herbal tea. When we create ritual in our lives, we are getting intentional about the everyday things we do so that they can become transformative. When we act mindlessly we don’t maintain control over the situation. When we act with mindfulness, which comes naturally in a ritual setting, we get to consciously choose from a  place of power what kinds of energies, thoughts, beliefs, and ideals we want to participate in.

The Ritual Of Tea

Herbal tea makes a great action for ritual because it has some essential ingredients: calm, healing, mindful, sensory, and personal. When we brew herbal tea we are basing the experience off of our favorite or most needed herbs, what we enjoy drinking, and how we enjoy drinking it. The personal connection that this cultivates makes it very powerful and ensures that it goes to the deepest part of our being.


Here are some simple, fun, and effective things you can do to create a beautiful herbal tea ritual for yourself…

  • Pray over, meditate, or bless the herbs you’ll use in your tea. Infuse them with good energy and lots of positive thoughts.
  • Use your herbs to draw a design on your counter top before you add them to your hot water. You could create a dollar sign for abundance, a heart for love, a smile for joy, or a stick figure for health.
  • While your herbal tea is brewing, gaze at your reflection on the surface of the water and try to see yourself happy, healthy, abundant, and blessed. Once you have a good image of yourself in these positive ways, begin sipping the tea to take it all in.
  • Say a positive affirmation over your tea before you take each sip. When you do drink, you’ll be adding a physical action to the affirmation which helps it sink in faster.
  • Say ‘thank you’ to the herbs, the process, the Earth, and the Sky – all important parts of the healing tea experience, before you drink. Gratitude always switches the energy up in a good way!
  • If you know someone who is sick, stressed, or just in need of some extra love, take a few sips for them as a prayer and a blessing. The energy will make its way into their lives!


Making your herbal tea enjoyment into a tea ritual is simple. Add music, meditation, prayer, incense, candles, or a lazy walk in the sunshine – anything that helps you cultivate more positive energy!








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