How I Quit Smoking With Mullein Herbal Tea

Mullein and I have a very powerful relationship. The reason for this is that nearly 2 years ago I quit smoking, and it was this herb that helped me conquer the addiction. One of the worst feelings a person experienced when they quit smoking is the detoxification of the lungs. The tar in cigarettes prevents the lungs from sweeping away all the clutter, so it builds up over the years and becomes very hard to purge. When you quit smoking and the sweepers free themselves from the constant tar bath, they start cleaning house and it can be a very painful experience. The lining of the lungs often gets torn up as masses of built up tar and mucous are expelled, and the lining of the throat and lungs often become raw and inflamed from coughing and sharp breathing. I really went through the wringers when it came to my lungs rebounding from 15 years of smoking, and I owe my rapid healing to mullein herbal tea.

Mullein (Verbascum thapus) is a massive plant with huge woolly leaves and cone-shaped spiked flower pods. It grows almost everywhere, and it has medicinal lore in many cultures.

Mullein herbal tea

Traditionally mullein herbal tea has been used to soothe and calm the respiratory system. It allows the lungs to purge and expectorate without the violent coughing fits that chemical expectorants may cause. Mullein herbal tea loosens stuck mucous, phlegm, and toxins in the lungs and it does so gently.

In the modern day, many herbalists rely on mullein to help with coughs, congestion, lung imbalances, asthma, bronchitis, smoker’s cough, COPD, and other breathing ailments. Because it is so gentle, it makes a great ‘everyday sipping tea’ for people with breathing issues to add to whatever their medical professional suggests.

Mullein herbal tea is also anti-inflammatory which is part of the reason why it is such a great blessing to any issues with aggravated lungs.

Many herbal blends for lungs, respiratory health, and smoking detox contain mullein – and now you know why! This herb is really gentle and can be added to just about any herbal tea blend you prefer. I have used it in sweet, spicy, minty, complex, and simple blends with great success.

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  1. Thanks man! I know this is post is a few years old but I really appreciate it. The pain is one of the things I’ve been struggling with. I’ve got some mullein though!

  2. Sure! Glad it helped. Chamomile is a great option for the pain, and it works wonders when it comes to quitting smoking. If it’s hot where you are, iced chamomile tea is a great thing! 🙂 Good luck on your quit – way to go! For extra support, I’m a big fan of

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