How To Replace Soda With Herbal Tea

For all of my fellow soda lovers out there, the title of today’s post probably sounds pretty horrible. Replaces soda with herbal tea, really? I agree that it seems strange, but hear me out! A little known fact is that some of our favorite sodas started out with herbal or plant-based flavorings, so we can often times find all-natural and healthy herbal teas that mimic some of those flavors to sip during the day. From spicy to sweet, complex to simple, there are a variety of herbal tea styles you can drink that can help curb your craving for the fizzy while giving you a well deserved treat anytime you like! Let’s look at just a few of them now…


Star anise is spicy, complicated, and warm. It has always reminded me of cola because of the way it feels in my mouth. You can brew anise herbal tea and chill it for a cool drink, or sip it warm.


Any of the mint teas can be a great soda substitute. They are naturally sweet, complex on the palate, easy on the system, and simple to make.


While I wouldn’t recommend drinking cinnamon tea on its own, adding cinnamon to other more subtle blends is a great way to spice it up and add some natural sweetness and complexity. It’s amazing what cinnamon can work with! Recently I tried stirring a mint blend herbal tea with a cinnamon stick and the result was absolutely amazing!

Floral Blends

Linden flower, chamomile, jasmine, and rose are all sweet, interesting herbal teas that can be blended or used individually to satisfy a sweet tooth while giving some extra lover to your body. Again, consider blending these teas with mints or spices to create a one-of-a-kind flavor!


As you can see, the amazing soda replacement herbal tea blends you create will only be limited by your own creativity. If you are able to buy bulk organic herbs, you can often get 2oz.-4oz. for under $5 which will last you a very long time and will allow you to experiment with a variety of recipes and blends. Start with a spice and a mint that smell good to you, then expand from there once you know more about your personal tastes. If you need even more sweet in your tea, consider organic stevia leaf – it’s amazing!


Happy sipping!