Healing Hyssop Herbal Tea

When it comes to showing serious love to your respiratory system, hyssop is always my first go-to herb. I love the fragrance, taste, and efficacy of this evergreen herb and am always amazed at what it can do for the lungs. Hyssop herbal tea is an essential for anyone who deals with respiratory issues, breathing difficulties, allergies, and recurring lung issues – and I’ll tell you why in today’s exploration of this amazing herb!

Big History, Bigger Healing Power

I’ve noticed the the more folklore and tradition that surrounds an herb, the more amazing it tends to be. While we discover new medicinal plants all the time, there’s something timeless about the herbs that have been used as medicine for ages and ages. Hyssop is one of those herbs that has a massive history of legend and use, and it remains true to this day.

Hyssop’s most famous folk use stems from the ancient sands of Palestine where it was used as a purification herb in places of worship and at sacred sites. The fresh herb may have been used to sprinkle water, its infusion or oil might have been applied to areas, or it could have been burnt as an incense. These are all very common ways in which purification herbs were used in the Middle East.

Many people to this day use Hyssop as an herb of deep purification and cleansing. Since it grows well in many climates, it makes a great clearing and cleansing plant to have around.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hyssopus_officinalis_001.JPG // H. Zell

The Healing Benefits Of Hyssop Herbal Tea

The moment the scent of this delightful herbal tea hits your nose, your lungs will seem to take a bigger, healthier breath. Hyssop is the champion of all lung and respiratory cleansing herbs and it gets to work fast! The leaves, stems, and flowers are all used commonly when making herbal tea preparations from Hyssop.

Cleansing & Clearing

When it comes to years of city living, smoking, poor breathing, allergies, or recurring respiratory infections, the lungs take the heat. Many people find that even after these issues have been healed and resolved, the lungs still feel ‘full of gunk’. Hyssop herbal tea is a great option for clearing out the chest and giving the lungs a gentle but thorough clearing. It can help loosen and expel mucous and phlegm while also helping the body create more healthy lining to replace the old.

Lung Lock

From asthma and coughing fits to allergies and recurring infections, locked up lungs can be extremely uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. While Hyssop herbal tea is not a good tea to sip during an attack, it makes an amazing tonic tea to sip between issues and can help prevent them in the future. Since Hyssop cleans and heals, it may just help remove the problem that leads to breathing difficulties in the first place!

Seasonal Chest Illnesses

Coughs, colds, and allergies seem to hit the lungs hard no matter where they settle. Adding Hyssop to your favorite ‘get better fast’ herbal tea blend at times like this can help clear and soothe the lungs so that you can get back to feeling better fast.


Hyssop Healing Lung Recipe

Try this simple herbal tea recipe to help clear, soothe, and strengthen the lungs…

1 part Hyssop

1 part Peppermint

1 part Mullein

1 part Licorice Root or Holy Basil

Combine all herbs. Add one teaspoon of your blend to 8 ounces of boiled water and steep for about 8 minutes. A 16 ounce mug 3 times per day during illness or congestion is usually all it takes to see the amazing benefits of Hyssop!


I encourage you to experience Hyssop herbal tea for yourself, and add this amazing medicinal herb to your cabinet. It’s a great ’emergency’ plant to have on hand, and just knowing that it’s there for you and your loved ones can make it easy to breathe free!

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Josh Williams