Healing Herbal Tea : Licorice

Licorice herbal tea is one of those that people seem to love or hate. I’m a big fan of licorice both for the flavor and the many healing benefits it offers. Many of your know that I am an ex-smoker, and I can attest that licorice herbal tea is one of the things that helped me get through my quit and clean out my lungs with ease! (See my book on how to quit smoking with herbal tea here)

The Healing Properties Of Licorice Tea

Licorice tea soothes the lungs, comforts the throat, and helps balance out the phlegm in the respiratory tract. For this reason it makes an excellent tea for coughing or when the lungs are purging toxins.

Licorice herbal tea is an amazing gift to the digestive system. It soothes indigestion, calms a stomach that’s too full, and can even help combat ulcers!

For people who love the benefits of cortisone on their allergies but don’t love the side effects, licorice herbal tea may be the solution. The licorice root herb contains glycyrrhizin which is close in action to cortisone with none of the weird extras.

For people who deal with lots of stress and anxiety, licorice can be a real treat. It tones and soothes the adrenal glands and helps regulate just how active (or over-active!) they may be. Licorice Tea strengthens the adrenal glands and gets them back to a healthy balance.

licorice herbal tea

Brewing Licorice Herbal Tea

I find that licorice does well on its own, although it can be found in many lung, breathing, and digestive tea blends which is a real treat. Steep licorice root herbal tea in hot water for about 7 minutes, then enjoy!

licorice root tea

My Faves…

Click the link below to grab a box of Egyptian Licorice Tea from Yogi. This is by far my favorite licorice tea, and the addition of just a pinch of cinnamon and orange peel make it a veritable dessert in a cup!



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  1. Licorice is a wonderful herb that helps increase the fluidity of mucus in the lungs. That is why it is in Quit Tea, it speeds up the clearing out process. Many smokers wonder why they cough more after quitting. Coughing is actually a good thing. It means your lungs are starting to heal themselves.

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