Herbal Tea Detox

Let’s face it, the holidays give us plenty of reasons to take a few days for a cleansing herbal tea detox! From overeating and sugar intake to alcoholic drinks, our bodies tend to get a little bit beat up during the holiday and New Year festivities. Luckily, we’ve got a few really amazing herbal tea options that can help detoxify our bodies, get rid of the gunk, and get us back to feeling light and energetic once again! Here are three of my favorite post-holiday herbal tea detox drinks… enjoy!

dandelion herbal tea

Dandelion Root

Packed with essential vitamins, the root of the dandelion plant can cleanse the liver, remove built up toxins, and remove waste from the tissues and cells of the body. As strange as it may seem, dandelion root herbal tea is actually really good! It’s very earthy, and many coffee addicts use this tea as a way to wean themselves off of the java because there are some similar tastes between the two.

yarrow herbal tea


Yarrow herbal tea is known for its ability to increase digestion, purify toxins from the blood, and increase the body’s ability to sweat out toxins in a natural way. Yarrow is an easy herbal tea to work with, but I prefer it mixed with something sweet in order to make its extremely earthy taste. Yarrow with chamomile and mint is a classic blend that relaxes and get the body ready to detox gently.

plantain herbal tea


Plantain herbal tea cleanses the blood of toxins and works with mucus and other respiratory build-ups to really clean house. Plantain leaves can remove phlegm while helping to restore the protective mucous lining of the lungs, and it helps keep the blood clean while the respiratory system gets a deep cleansing. This is a great tea if you enjoyed a few too many cigars or cigarettes, or if you just feel congested.

These herbal tea detox blends are great to have on hand during the holidays, after the festivities, and for the switch from winter to spring. As a seasonal detox, many people drink these tea blends for a 7-10 days following the seasonal shift to help their bodies adjust and purge toxins that may have settled during sedentary months of winter.


Here’s to a clean and healthy 2013!