Healing Properties Of Catnip Herbal Tea

No matter how popular herbs have become as a natural healing modality in recent years, I still get funny looks when I tell people to check out catnip herbal tea! Most of us know catnip as that pungent herb that makes kitty bliss out and chase his tail – but did you know that it also packs a pretty impressive array of healing properties? Catmint, another common name for catnip, is a simple medicinal herb to grow and it makes a great addition to blends of all kinds. Today, I’m going to show you why I have such a deep respect for this herb and hopefully encourage you to connect with it for yourself!

Crazy Cats!

Catnip gets its name and its fame from the influence it has over our furry feline friends. Catnip is a member of the massive mint family, and it contains a strong essential oil called nepetalactone. This oil has a powerful effect on just over half of all domestic cats, and little to no effect on the rest of them. If your cat has a nepetalacone sensitivity make sure to share a little bit of your catmint herb with them as you brew your tea!

The Healing Properties Of Catnip Herbal Tea

As I mentioned above, I am a huge fan of catnip and I add it to several of my personal favorite herbal tea blends. The flavor is pungent on its own but takes on a lemon-mint flavor when blended with just about any other herb. It’s  a simple plant to grow just about everywhere in the world, and it’s just an all-around great herb to have on hand!

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Sour Stomach, Indigestion & Heart Burn

Catnip contains antacid properties that can help relieve heartburn in minutes while also soothing the stomach and calming the smooth muscles and digestive muscles. This is a wonderful sipping tea for anyone who deals with digestive or acidity issues on a regular basis , and it can even be sipped with a meal to help curb any acid reflux issues before they begin!

Coming Clean

One of my favorite uses for catnip is in helping people quit their relationship with cigarettes or drugs. Catnip herbal tea is deeply soothing and calming to the body, mind, nerves, and spirit and it has a natural affinity for helping ease people off of addictions and habits in a gentle and loving way.

I add catnip to all of my various quit smoking blends to help keep tension, stress, and nerves soothed while people are healing. I am confident that without the help of catnip I never would have been able to end my 15 year smoking addiction!

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Release & Let Go Of Anxiety

Catnip is a gentle yet powerful relaxant that calms the nerves, soothes the body, quiets the mind, and helps all of the various organs and body functions release tension and strain. I am honestly surprised that more herbalists don’t add catnip to anti-anxiety and stress blends – its effects are amazing!

Sacred Sleep

Catnip herbal tea is a wonderful and quick way to help you fall asleep. It helps slow down racing thoughts and allows the body to relax and surrender to the power of rest.

Sleepy Cat Herbal Tea Recipe

1 part Catnip

1 part Chamomile

1 part Lavender

Combine herbs. Add 1 heaping teaspoon to 8 ounces of just boiling water. Steep for 6 minutes. When the tea is a safe and comfortable temperature, sip and smile. Drink about 30-45 minutes before bedtime for best results.

Sharing Is Caring

In addition to giving your cat a sprinkle of catnip while you make your tea, you can also float a fresh leaf in their water dish as a special treat. Catnip herbal tea can also be misted into the air to help a cat who’s dealing with anxiety or panic – but the cat must be receptive to catnip for it to work.

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I hope that you’ll look at catnip in a new light, and try it soon!

To Our Health & Happiness…
Josh Williams