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Have you heard of the Libre Tea Glass yet? This is my personal favorite way to enjoy healing herbal tea and I am so happy to be sharing my experience and support of this amazing product with you this week! I don’t often share products and reviews here, but Libre is just too good not to pay forward. This handy travel cup makes it possible for me to have fresh, hot or iced tea with me no matter where I go, and that’s a pretty big deal for me as you can imagine. Today I’m going to give you a personal tour of the Libre Tea Glass and share my experiences with you – I know this is something that every herb and tea enthusiast will want to own!

Libre Liberation

The purpose behind the advent of the Libre tea mug is simple – letting people take their tea with them wherever they go. The name ‘Libre’ actually means ‘freedom’ – and it allows those of us who value the power of plant medicine and all-natural plant-based drinks to always have our faves on hand.

Since I got my Libre I have been able to have my herbal healing teas with me more and more. I find myself getting more fluids during the day and I find myself having an effortless way to avoid soda and juices since there’s simple no excuse not to just drink tea! I’ve also met some pretty great people when they’ve asked what I’m drinking from and what’s inside!

Libre Tea

Clean Materials, Clean Tea

The Libre Tea Glasses and Mugs are all made from BPA-free plastic on the outside and high-quality glass on the inside. This means that your hands are always handing a surface that is easy to grip and not scalding hot while your tea is resting in safe glass that doesn’t change the flavor of your brew or off-gas into the liqueur.

The Libre comes with two pieces in addition to the container itself – a screen and a lid. These two parts screw together, and they also screw onto the container.

You can brew your tea by placing it into the container and then drinking it through the fine mesh screen, or you can place your herbs into the screen and remove it when steeping is done. This allows you to brew for a specific amount of time or just let your herbs swim for as long as it takes you to drink your tea.

Libre Tea 04 BLANK

Steeping Everywhere!

I always carry a small baggie of my favorite herbal blend with me in my pack wherever I go. This makes it easy to full up the mesh cup of my Libre, get some hot water from a coffee maker, convenience store, or kettle, screw the lid on, and keep moving. I literally never have to slow down to get my herbs – and I find that my relationship has deepened with them now that they’re a more consistent part of my everyday life. I also love the fact that my Libre makes it safer and easier to have herbal tea new my computer and on my desk.

Libre Tea Mug

A Fun Gift Idea

Something I love to do for my herbal tea loving friends is buy them a Libre Glass and fill it with a homemade herbal tea blend. The loose-leaf tea looks so nice filling up the Libre container, and it makes a really nice presentation. Your friends can then put their tea blend into a jar and start enjoying their tea on the go!

Libre Review

A Big Recommend

I am a huge fan of the Libre mission and their product. I’ve been sharing links to their items on the Living Herbal Tea Facebook page for some time now, and I am thrilled to have finally been able to write up a proper review of what they have. If you’re as much of an herbal tea fan as I am, I strongly encourage you to gift yourself one of these amazing glasses. They make sure that you continue to get all the herbal healing you deserve no matter where life takes you!

Click the image below to see what’s new at Libre, and to order your own glass or mug right now…

Libre Tea Glasses & Mugs


To Our Health & Happiness… On The Go!
Josh Williams

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  1. What do you use to clean your Libre Tea glass? I have a Large one and cannot get my hands within it. It has started to get a tinge of colour in the glass. I know I cannot place it in the dishwasher so what do you do?


  2. Hi Sean!

    I have a dish brush that I purchased for my water bottle…it’s got a long handle and a bristle end. I can fit that easily into my Libre with some apple cider vinegar to clean it out. I picked my scrub brush up at a regular grocery store, so hopefully you can find one easily 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

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