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Are you ready to end your relationship with cigarettes once and for all? Then this giveaway is for you! I am so excited about partnering up with Quit Tea to give you the chance to find out how the healing power of herbal tea can help you end the addiction and the habit once and for all! This event is the perfect opportunity to experience for yourself why so many people (myself included!) have amazing success stories about herbs. Take a few moments to learn more about Quit Tea, and get your name in the raffle!

Quit Tea

Since 2009, Quit Tea has been helping people replace their cigarette addiction with something a whole lot healthier. Each bag of Quit Tea is packed with an amazing selection of natural herbs and spices that support the body and mind in releasing the habit of smoking and healing the addiction as well. The flavor, aroma, and plants used all come together to give you a truly healthy alternative to lighting up!

Quit Tea is formulated from a selection of important herbs and spices that work with the body and the mind to create positive changes. Some have been chosen because of their historical healing uses while others have been added because of their flavors or scents. This blend is really amazing, and it makes it effortless for you to brew a cup of healing herbal tea to help with your quit!

The cold winter months are just around the corner. This could be the year for you when instead of braving the icy winds for a smoke, you brew up a warm and comforting cup of healing herbal tea!

What’s Inside?

Quit Tea combines an amazing proprietary blend of healing herbs in easy-to-use tea bags. Some of the ingredients include…

Valerian Root : Known for calming the nerves and releasing stress and worry.

Sarsaparilla : Used traditionally to help bring energy and flavor to herbal tea blends.

St. John’s Wort : An ancient herb that can help lift depression and anxiety while acting as a tonic for the mood.

Red Clover : Helps balance the appetite during a quit while also helping the lungs clean themselves.

Licorice Root : Helps the lungs clear and cleanse on a deep level.

Burdock : A deep cleanser that helps the body remove years of built-up toxins from smoking.

Quit Tea also includes:

Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, and more.

The giveaway has officially ended…

Winners will be announced at Noon (PST) on Friday November 15, 2013! Check the entry box below to see if your name appears. If so, please watch your email as we’ll be sending you more information soon.

…but your quit can still happen!

Check out the resources below to get started on your quit right now using the healing power of herbal tea!

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50 thoughts on “Giveaway! Quit Tea”

  1. thank you for this chance to win this tea.
    I would love to try this to help me get rid of this smoking habit, I have tried many other things and none has worked for me.

  2. I would use it for me. I would love to try this as a means to quit smoking. My 2 daughters (ages 16 and almost 10) are always begging me to quit, but as smokers know, it’s just not that easy!

  3. I used herbal tea to quit after 15 years of heavy smoking so I know just how hard it can be. For me, replacing the habit with something healthy and having herbal support for the addiction end of things was the perfect combination. Plus just knowing I was choosing something so healthy every time I took a sip really boosted my confidence and will power! Best of luck Valerie!

  4. I would use this for myself, I am a smoker for 30 years and am desperate to quit! I’ve beaten cocaine addiction but this smoking addiction has an evil hold on me! Go figure!!

  5. i would use one box for myself and share the other box with someone who would like to try it. that way more than one can benefit from this giveaway.

  6. I would use this for myself because I’ve cut done quite a bit but I need a boost to get to the finish line of no more smoking!

  7. I would use Quit Tea for myself. I really want to see my grandkids grow up! If it works, I would also buy it for my daughter!

  8. I would use if myself. I just can’t seem to stick with quitting, hopefully this could help me take my mind off of it and stay on track.

  9. Smoking addiction and habits go really deep – many experts say that it’s a far more intense addiction than cocaine and heroin… but the fact that you were able to kick one addiction means that you absolutely can kick this one! Best of luck Pamela!

  10. Sipping this healing herbal tea blend is a great way to give your body and mind something to do in place of taking a puff. The flavor and aroma is really a great replacement to cigarettes, and the healing properties of the various herbs used are extremely supportive. Wishing you best of luck!

  11. I would be using this myself. I’ve had a lung collapse, and though the doctors say it wasn’t caused by the smoking, it certainly isn’t helping. I’ve tried to quit so many times, but usually can’t make it past a few weeks. Hopefully, this could finally do it for me.

  12. I would use Quit Tea for myself. I am a smoker of over 20 years and I really want to quit. My 14 year old son is my main goal for quitting. Thanks for the #giveaway! It means a lot.

  13. Lung health is whole body health for sure. So proud of your willingness to quit – and Quit Tea is a great support in making it happen for good! Thanks for the entry, best of luck!

  14. I would use the Quit Tea for myself, because I am quitting smoking soon. I would love to have an alternative to smoking.

  15. I look forward to achieving to finally laying my cigarettes down. I have failed too many times. I hope I get a chance to win these tea boxes. I am going to use them when I cannot use my lounges because I have to drink something sometimes.

  16. I would definitely use this for myself. I have children who are complaining, and I have beensmoking since I was 13. Very hard to quit. I am the last one still smoking in my family and they all encourage me to quit. Close family member fighting the fight with cancer, what a wake up call. Would love to win, to get me started, hardest time not to smoke is with a cup of coffee hopefully I could switch to tea! Thank you for this opportunity! Not only would ibe grateful but so would my family!

  17. I would definitely use it for myself. I had a rough year last year, and stupidly picked up smoking as a habit to keep my nerves. I tried to quit earlier in the year, but then my grandmother passed. Now that I’ve dealt with that grief and am in a much better place emotionally, I feel like it’d be a great time to quit. However, the extra boost of Quit Tea could be my key to success!

  18. This is such a great way to replace the cigarettes… and you just might find that the herbal tea is there to support you when things get rough so that you don’t have to turn to smoking again. Thanks for adding your name to the drawing Katherine!

  19. Thanks for your entry Brenda. Quit Tea can definitely help you make this quit the last quit! It’s all about giving your body and mind a healthy replacement to smoking that also helps handle the cravings and stress. Good luck!

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