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Have you ever wished that you could take your hot or iced tea with you on the go? Well now you can! The smart folks at Clarissa Tumblers have created the perfect way for you to take your healing herbal tea blends on your daily journeys with style and safety! These tough tumblers are made with the highest quality materials – and the designs are literally endless! Today, I’d like to introduce you to the amazing work this shop does and invite you to add your name to the amazing giveaway they’re sponsoring right now!

Clarissa Tumblers

This amazing small business is owned by a passionate woman, Rachel West, who puts a whole lot of TLC into the work she does. I am a huge supported or small business, and this shop is a prime example of why.

Clarissa Tumblers is dedicated to providing high-quality go-anywhere vessels that are safe, strong, and stylish. The sheer number of designs they have available is stunning – and their custom tumblers are really great, too! This is by far my favorite place to get tea tumblers – and the gift giving ideas are endless!

Organic Herbal Tea Tumbler


Staying away from off-gassing plastics and other unhealthy materials is an important step to take when brewing up your herbal tea. With Clarissa Tumblers, you’re in good hands! They use only the highest quality BPA-free and EA-free tough polymer components – the same exact material used by some of the world’s leading reusable water bottle and tumbler manufacturers. These materials are so safe that they’re now being used in high-end baby bottles.

tea tumbler herbal

Hot Tea, Cold Tea

The high insulation power of these tumblers will help keep your hot tea hot and your iced tea cold – no matter where you go! The thick walls are break-resistant and make the tumblers easy to hold, cool to the touch, and great for any tea blend.

Bird Tea Tumbler

Go Local!

Clarissa Tumblers are designed and made 100% in the U.S.A. by a small business. There’s no better way to vote with your money than to support the people who put it right back into our economy!

Tea Tumbler

Enter The Giveaway!

Add your name below for a chance to win this amazing ‘Tea Time’ tumbler from Clarissa Tumblers! This is a unique design that was created just for this special event!

One lucky winner in the USA will be announced via email on Friday December 20, 2013.

herbal tea tumbler

While you’re waiting for the winner to be announced, head over to Clarissa Tumblers and see some of the amazing pieces they have available right now…


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