Stress Tonic Herbal Tea Recipe

I am about to share my favorite personal daily herbal tea recipe with you, and I hope that each and every one of you will go out of your way to try this tea and see just why I hold it in such high esteem.

Tonic teas are amazing because they are extremely gentle to the physical, emotional, and mental bodies while at the same time delivering powerful support that can help us adapt our life path. Tonic herbs are plants that work smoothly and consistently over time to help us make positive changes in our lives from the inside out!

Please take charge of your help and make sure that all of the herbs in this recipe are right for you. Do not use chamomile if you have seasonal pollen or ragweed allergies unless you know for certain that it doesn’t affect you adversely.

Here’s the recipe…

1/2 teaspoon Lemon Balm

1/4 teaspoon German Chamomile

1/4 teaspoon Skullcap

1/4 teaspoon Nettle

Combine these herbs in a small dish. Then, hold them in the palm of your hands or hold your hands over the dish to connect to their combined energy. Remember that plants have life and wisdom within them, so take a moment to ‘shake hands’ and express your gratitude for their giving.

To Prepare…

Steep the herbs in 8-10 ounces of steaming hot water for 6 minutes. You can use a mesh tea ball, reusable muslin tea bag, disposable natural tea bag, or a tea kettle with a built-in strainer. Make sure to keep the tea covered while it steeps so that you don’t lose all the essential oils as the water evaporates.

Smell, experience, enjoy!


I use this tea daily when I am in a pattern of stress or anxiety. It tastes great hot and cold, so you can brew as an iced herbal tea if you like.