Herbal Tea For Heartburn

Acid reflux, stomach acidity, and heartburn seem to creep up on us at the worst times. Have you ever tried to fall asleep but your stomach has other plans? What about trying to enjoy a meal while struggling through the burn? In the modern day there are many over-the-counter options for dealing with extra acidity, but herbal tea may be the best. The reason for this is that herbs are natural, easy to use, and can be added to your meal to help keep things under control while you eat. For people with evening heartburn, a cup of warm tea before bed can fight back the acid while helping you relax for a great rest.

What’s The Burn All About?

True heartburn happens when excess acid in the stomach makes its way into areas where it simply shouldn’t be. This acid is strong! It’s the same stuff your body uses to break down the food you eat. Stomach acid hitting your throat can be horribly painful, and it is believed that long term exposure to rogue acid can lead to a variety of health issues. With acid reflux, acid is allowed to pass through valves that would otherwise keep it away. When digestive acids are regurgitated into the upper stomach or throat it can cause pain, irritation, inflammation, and ulcers.

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Many times, heartburn is caused from diet, but in some people it is an indication of a more serious health issue. If you have heartburn frequently, it’s time to speak with your medical professional to explore all of your healing options!

Herbal Tea For Heartburn

Here are a few of my favorite acid-fighting herbal teas…



Chamomile is my favorite soothing tea. If you can, add this to another more directly related tea to help add soothing and comfort to your mouth, throat, stomach, and spirit ad you combat the acid.


Plantain herbal tea soothes inflamed mucous membranes, especially in the area of the digestive system and throat.


Catnip herbal tea is a natural antacid with powerful effects. In addition, it’s a calming herb which means that sipping on this tea will help relax your mind and body while it fights off the acids!

Herbal Tea For Heartburn