Healing Herbal Tea : Passion Flower

Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) is one of the most visually stunning and beautiful flowers I have ever seen. Its complexity and color palette makes it stand out, and there’s something to magnetic about the way it looks. Passion Flower is actually a flowering vine that is native to the West Indies. It grows up just about anything it can cling to, and adds its beauty to a variety of landscapes. Many people across the world are able to cultivate it, and it makes a really spectacular addition to any garden. As an herbal tea, passion flower offers a variety of benefits that just about anyone in the modern world can benefit from.

The Healing Properties Of Passion Flower Herbal Tea

Passion flower is one of the most effective and gentle nerve tonics you can use. It has a mild sedative quality that helps the sympathetic nervous system relax which can lead to a drop in stress or anxiety, pain relief, or just a great end to a long day.

From anxiety and stress to hyperactivity and tension, passionflower herbal tea is a respected healing herb that goes to work fast without dragging you down or making you groggy.


In addition to being an amazing stress, anxiety, and nerve tonic, passion flower tea can also a great tea to have on hand when dealing with addictions. It helps curb many withdrawal effects and can help keep a person calm while they deal with the underlying issues of addiction. Alcohol and smoking addictions seem to bring up a lot of anxiety and fear when they are being dealt with, so having a nerve tonic on hand can help get you through the rough spots.

The vine and flowers of the passionflower plant are used in the making of tea. The flavor is easy on the tongue and it makes a great addition to chamomile, lemon balm, or linden flower teas.