Herbal Teas For Sore Throats

Whether you count yourself among those who love the winter or despise it, the fact is that more people get sore throats due to illness, stress, and weather changes at this time of year than we like to admit. The good news is that there are many herbal teas for sore throats that will help soothe, relax, warm, and heal your throat in  no time!

I’ve selected these herbal tea options because they tend to be easy to find at local health food stores or tea shops, and they are often the most produced in organic and free trade forms.

Anise Herbal Tea

This is one of the best teas you can make for a sore throat. Anise contains a soothing mucilage that literally coats the throat and protects it from damage due to coughing. The astringent properties of anise also help clear out mucous and relax the breathing passages.

Goldenseal Herbal Tea

Goldenseal is a great herb to have on hand for cold and flu season. This powerful herb disinfects and calms swollen tissues in the throat while reducing inflammation and clearing out mucous. When the throat has become raw or swollen due to coughing, goldenseal may be the best choice. This herb is strong, so use sparingly.

Lavender Herbal Tea

Fight infection, soothe tissues, and calm your whole being with this amazing floral herbal tea! Lavender is a great addition to any sore throat herbal tea.

Thyme Herbal Tea

Not just for spaghetti cause anymore! Thyme herbal tea is a great all-purpose defense against cold, flu, and coughs of many kinds. Thyme is known for being one of the strongest and most effective anti-viral, antiseptic, antibiotic, and antimicrobial herbs available, and in tea for it gets to work on your throat in an instant! Thyme is not a humble herb in the flavor department, so if you can’t stand the taste, just gargle with warm thyme tea many times throughout the day to get great results.


Here’s to a cough-free winter!