Healing Herbal Tea : Ginger

Love it or hate it, it’s getting cold outside! As the season changes and the temperature drops, many people find that it takes times to adjust while their bodies and minds may not want to do all the work. Seasonal depression or anxiety can set in as a result of coldness or lack of warming sunshine, colds and flu abound, and it seems like people just get into a funk! The good news is that ginger herbal tea can warm you up, put a smile in your heart, and help keep illness away as well!

The Healing Properties Of Ginger Herbal Tea

Ginger herbal tea is packed with antioxidants which means that it can help keep you away from seasonal illnesses and major illnesses as well.

The warming nature of ginger stimulates the body and increases blood flow. People who are chronically cold, extra cold in the winter, or people who find that coldness or dampness in the air causes depression or anxiety may benefit greatly from the instant warming of herbal ginger tea.

Our digestive systems absolutely love ginger! It calms nausea, increases the production of digestive juices and saliva, and has a calming effect on the general gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. For this reason, ginger herbal tea is a must-have during the holidays when overeating and stress eating can cause digestive issues.

Ginger herbal tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can work wonder for people dealing with arthritis, bronchitis, and other inflammatory issues.

In addition to all of these amazing healing properties of ginger herbal tea, it can also calm and gently sedate the system without drowsiness, relieve pain, reduce fever, and is a powerful natural anti-bacterial.

Stock up on herbal ginger tea right now to make sure you have it on hand throughout the winter season. One of my personal favorites is the Ginger Tea from Yogi… their tea is 100% organic, packaged in eco tea bags that can be taken anywhere you go, and their quality cannot be beat. Use the link below to grab some now and see why ginger herbal tea is a must-have during cold months!

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