Muscle Relaxant Herbal Teas

Stressful days at the computer, new workouts, an extra-ling weekend hike, or a recently finished marathon – all of these things and more can lead to sore, aching muscles that persist for days! While many people turn to over-the-counter medications to get rid of the pain, you might want to try one of the many herbal tea for sore muscles options that are out there. Herbal tea is a wonderful way to sip your muscles into a state of relaxation, healing support, and pain relief – and it comes with the all-natural goodness that only nature can provide!

Today I’d like to share a few wonderful herbal teas with you that work great for a post-workout treat or part of a strain and stress recovery plan. I’ll also give you a recipe that’s perfect for soothing aches, soreness, and stiffness.

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Don’t Be Sore!

Our muscles are made up of a whole lot of smaller muscle cells that contract and relax to get our bodies moving. When we work out or strain our bodies, these cells are damaged. Damage is actually a good thing in some cases because it leads to the cells growing back bigger and stronger which leads to bigger and stronger muscles overall. The problem is that pain and discomfort often accompany the reconstruction process making it hard to relax or go about your day. Stiff, aching, and sore muscles can cause fatigue and stress, so getting the side effects out of the way so that your muscles can heal and strengthen is a great idea.

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Soothing Sore Muscles With Herbal Tea

There are several herbs you can work with to help get pain relief, inflammation reduction, and quicker healing in the muscles. Look in to each and consider adding the ones that will work best for you to your healing plan!


This lovely herb contains salicylic acid, the active component in Aspirin. Meadowsweet is a gentle but effective anti-inflammatory, and adding this herb to a soothing and relaxing blend can be the perfect way to take the edge off while your body heals. People who cannot use Aspirin should not use Meadowsweet.


This apple-tasting herb isn’t just for soothing nerves! Chamomile gets to work helping to relax and tonify the muscles so that they can heal, rest, and rejuvenate. Using chamomile as a base for other muscle support herbs creates an instant, great-tasting sore muscle herbal tea blend!


This delightful evergreen is known for its respiratory healing properties, but it also works wonders for the muscles and joints! A tea made from Hyssop can help fight inflammation around the joints and in the muscles while also combating irritating aches and pains.

Marshmallow Root

The root and herb of the Marshmallow plant has been used in various countries for centuries. When it comes to muscle aches and pains caused by a brave workout regimen, this is the herb to work with! Marshmallow soothes the inflammation that causes muscle pain while also helping to tone muscles. A real win-win!

Common Sage

I have found sage to be the absolute best herb to use for sore muscles. This is my personal go-to herbal muscle relaxant when I’m achy from a long run, slept wrong, or am just feeling tense and strained. Sage is classified as an antispasmodic, which means it helps relax muscle fibers throughout the whole body. Many people know sage for its benefits as a couch suppressant, and this is why. It even soothes the smooth muscles of the throat and lungs! For knots, adhesions, fascial issues, and muscle injuries try making a mild sage tea, cooling it until it’s comfortably warm, then applying it to the area with a towel. This is known as a fomentation and it’s a wonderful way to get herbs where they’re needed most. Sip on some herbal tea that includes sage while the fomentation does its thing for optimal results.

Herbal Tea Sore Muscles

Sore Muscle Herbal Tea Blend

This recipe may seem simple, but its benefits will astound you! It’s just four ingredients at its most simple with several other herbs you can add depending on what you have available and what your body needs. Use this blend for a few days at a time at most. I like to enjoy it 3-5 times per day warm or iced, depending on the season.

Muscle Relaxant Herbal Tea Base

5 parts Chamomile Flowers

3 parts Common Sage (Salvia officinalis)

1 part Peppermint

1 part Nettle

Optional additions

1 part Meadowsweet – helps with pain. Avoid if you cannot use aspirin.
1 part Passionflower – helps with soreness in the arms ans shoulders, and aids in relaxation.
1 part Catnip – to help with rest and sleep.

Organic Sage Tea

Josh Williams Herbalist

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