Healing Herbal Tea : Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola, also known by its Sanskrti name ‘Madookaparni’, has been a favorite in Indian Ayurvedic herbal tea therapy for hundreds of years. This amazing herbs gets to work fast and has a great relationship with the brain. Elephants love to eat fresh Gotu Kolas plants, and they thrive in beautiful and clean natural environments.

The Healing Properties Of Gotu Kola Herbal Tea

Gotu kola herbal tea is an excellent food for the brain and acts as a general health tonic that can increase memory, open up learning ability, and sharpen concentration – all without stimulant side effects.

It is believed that Gotu Kola tea helps the brain take on more healing oxygen while aiding in better blood flow to the brain area as well. this helps make sure that nutrients get delivered where they are needed most while nurturing the brain and its many functions with the fuel they need to succeed.

Gotu Kola herbal tea is a great sipping tea during study times, periods of brain fog, or when long bouts of concentration may be needed.

Gotu Kola Tea


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