Healing HPV With Herbal Tea

HPV, the human papillomavirus, is the common virus that exists underneath most all warts. HPV causes warts to form in a variety of ways depending on which of the over 100 types of the virus an individual may have – common plantar and hand warts and genital warts are all part of the overall human papillomavirus family. If you’ve ever dealt with warts of any kind you know how frustrating, embarrassing, and even painful they can be, but herbal tea may be able to help! While there is no known cure for this virus, healing HPV with herbal tea is a possibility through strengthening and toning the immune system and by treating wart breakouts topically as well. Today we’re going to explore several herbal teas that have a great reputation for showing much needed love to the immune system, calming down stress that may lead to a weakened immune system, and gentle tea washes that may help remove warts quickly and painlessly.

Healing HPV With Herbal Tea

As mentioned above, there is no actual cure for the HPV virus. It is believed that after 1 or 2 years most peoples’ immune system will either overcome the virus on its own, or put the virus into an undetectable state of dormancy. In either case, it’s the immune system that gets the job done. For this reason, we’re going to explore several gentle herbal tea blends in this article that help kick the immune system into high gear to help it fight off HPV and get you back to feeling great again.

Seek the counsel of a medical professional before adding herbal tea to your healing routine. Some diseases can be aggravated by herbs that strengthen the immune system. HPV is a serious virus, especially for women, so if you carry it you should look at all of your options and work with a medical professional along the way for best results.

The Immune System

Our immune system helps identify and fight off invasions of all kinds. Since viruses are complex and often very sneaky, they tend to be the things that give our immunity a real fight. Using herbal teas that help boost and support the immune system may be a great way to help shorten the duration of HPV issues while also healing the various symptoms they cause, such as warts.

Herbal Teas For HPV & Warts

The following herbs are great to consider for offering profound immune support…


Echinacea is famous as an immune booster and overall system cleanser. It stimulates the immune system which may help your body find and deal with HPV issues faster. It also acts as a blood and lymph cleanser which is essential in dealing with this issue.

St. John’s Wort

Known mostly for its powerful antidepressant qualities, St. John’s Wort is also a wonderful and gentle immune supporter and virus fighter. Many times the immune system weakens because of anxiety, stress, or depression – and this leads to viral outbreaks.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm has a sweet and light flavor that makes a great addition to any immunity blend! It’s gently antiviral and antibacterial, and it helps soothe stress which can lead to a suppressed immune system. This is my go-to herb for flavor and synergy when making any immune or virus blends.

Pau D’Arco

This South American healing staple is my personal choice for dealing with any type of virus, including HPV and related warts. It’s packed with important nutrients which support a calm and strong body, and it is one of the most powerful immune boosters I know. Pau D’Arco herbal tea is also believed to be a tumor shrinking herb, and since warts associated with HPV are in fact a type of benign tumor, this may be the herb to turn to. Don’t work with Pau D’Arco herbal tea until you’ve researched how long to use it and which dose is best for you. Better yet, work with an herbalist.

HPV Herbal Tea Blend

Try this simple recipe to help strengthen and support the immune system, target warts, and get your system back to feeling great again!

1 part Pau D’Arco or Echinacea

2 parts Lemon Balm

Combine to make 1 tsp. of total herb per 8 ounces of water. Steep for 10 minutes in just-boiling water.
I like to make this tea and store it in a thermos so that I can sip on it throughout the day which keeps its healing properties alive in my body all day long.

Herbal Tea For Warts – Soothing Soak

Try soaking a clean towel or cotton pad in cooled echinacea tea. Place on a freshly washed and dried wart and leave in place for 10-15 minutes. If you can use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate the wart before soaking, all the better.

Cleanse the area thoroughly afterwards to prevent the spread of the wart to other areas of healthy skin.



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