Herbal Tea For Insomnia

Sleep is one of the most important things we need to live a healthy and happy life. Right up there with excellent nutrition, hydration, and movement, sleep is integral to the well-being of our bodies, minds, and emotions. But, let’s face it, sometimes it seems impossible to get even just a few hours of deep sleep! Racing thoughts, worries, anxiety, poor nutrition, stimulants, pain, or discontentment can all prevent us from dozing off to get the restful sleep we need. When occasional sleeplessness hits, we’re lucky that we can turn to herbal tea for insomnia that can help lull us off into dreamland so that we wake up feeling refreshed, healthy, and ready for whatever life may bring. Today we’re going to explore several herbs and blends that can help you have the best sleep ever!


Sleep To Heal

Did you know that while we’re asleep our bodies and minds do the most healing work? It’s when we rest that our immune systems and repairing functions get busy and correct any problems that may be arising. Poor sleep means that our bodies and minds have to work overtime to try and heal while also being active at the same time. A good night’s rest can relieve anxiety, offer new perspectives to a life problem, heal the body, relieve pain, soothe the emotions, and fight budding health issues – so it’s needless to say that sleep is essential! If you find that you suffer from insomnia or restless sleep several times a week, it many be time to chat with a medical professional. Occasional insomnia and sleeplessness is pretty much normal these days and herbal tea can help, but when it becomes chronic the advice of a health expert is best.

insomnia herbs

Herbal Tea For Insomnia

Here are just a few of the most valued and used herbs that can help calm the mind, soothe the body, and bring you into restlful and healing sleep…

Hops For Her

For women who deal with insomnia, hops herbal tea may be a wonderful option. Hops (Humulus lupulus) has been used for centuries to treat anxiety, stress, worry, and sleep issues – and it seems to have a natural affinity for women. Hops is gentle, soothing, and nurturing, and it goes really well with just about any herb you may add it to. Men should avoid hops because of the high traces of estrogen it contains.

Take A Cat Nap!

Catnip is one of the most effective and to-the-point options when it comes to an herbal tea for insomnia. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a powerful anti-anxiety herb that gently soothes and quiets the body and the mind which is often all it takes to enter into a state of deep healing sleep. The flavor is really nice, and it blends well with other comforting herbs.

Timeless Chamomile

Hints of sweet apple flavor are just one reason to love Chamomile (Matricaria chamomille, Chamamelum nobile). This herb is wonderful in flavor and aroma, and has been used for countless centuries as an herb of many healing benefits. Chamomile is perhaps best known for its ability to soothe and deeply relax the muscles, tissues, and whole body while also bringing a sense of calm well-being to the mind. Many people rely on chamomile as a nightly tea before bed to ensure that they get the rest they need. Chamomile is a gentle and enjoyable go-t0 for stress and sleep issues, and it blends really well with just about every other herb!

Serious Sleep

Valerian herbal tea is often suggested for people who need a more intense tranquilizer effect in their herbal tea to get rest. Sometimes life gets so big and so loud that we simply cannot relax enough to get the rest we need. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) has been used with great success during these times. This herb is one of the more intense and powerful sleep aids, and it gets right to work. It calms the nervous system, soothes the mind, and doesn’t have any groggy next-day side effects.

Valerian is not to be taken lightly. This herb is strong, and it knows how to get the job done. A pinch of Valerian added to a gentle blend is the best way to use it. Try a pinch of Valerian added to a teaspoon of Chamomile with a pinch of peppermint for a really sweet nightcap. As with all powerful herbs, start small and work up slowly to see how your unique system works with what the herb does.

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Valerian Officinalis
Photo by Kurt Stüber – http://www.kurtstueber.de

Rest Easy

Herbal tea for insomnia is a gentle and effective way to get the sleep you need. There are also some other things you can do to calm your mind, relax your body, and open up the gates to dreamland…

  • Explore breathing meditations
  • Try creative visualization
  • Listen to an audio book
  • Play white noise or nature sounds
  • Take a long, slow walk about an hour before bedtime
  • Look at how many stimulants like sugar and caffeine are part of your daily diet
  • Make sure you stay hydrated
  • Turn on a gentle fan


Sweet Sleep Blend

Try this herbal tea blend to get the sleep you need…

2 parts Chamomile
1 part Catnip
1 part Peppermint, Rose Petals, or Lemon Balm
1 pinch of Valerian Root (optional)

Combine herbs to create one heaping teaspoon. Steep in 16 12 ounces (a typical mug filled about 3/4 of the way full) just-boiling water for 6 minutes. Sip slowly while thinking good thoughts and saying wonderful things to yourself.


Sleep Well!