Herbal Tea For A Lively Libido

Sexual energy is essential for overall health and wellness. When our libido and sense of sexual esteem is lacking, it can often spill over and create depression, laziness, body issues, confidence problems, communication issues in relationships, and much more. Sexuality is an important form of self expression and communication – just like talking is. When we experience periods of our libido being repressed or depressed, it’s like losing part of our emotional voice. The good news is that healing plants can come to the rescue and help liven up our libido with herbal tea!

There are lots of ways that herbal tea for libido can help:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety around sexuality
  • Invigorate sexual organs and energy flow
  • Create self confidence and esteem
  • Increase natural energy levels
  • Relieve issues like aches and pain and headaches
  • Gently increase sex drive
  • And much more

Herbal tea is a super gentle and time-tested way to help get the good energy flowing wherever it’s needed most, and today I’m going to share some of these sexual tonics and libido herbal teas with you.

Libido, Tension, and Stress

One of the most common reasons people feel their libido go down is stress. Our lives are nothing short of hectic, and when things get a little too tense, it can cause serious issues in our sexual potency.

Stress, worry, anxiety, and tension can all take us out of the mood, make our bodies feel less than sexy, and make it hard for us to let go and relax into the experience of sexual sharing. If this is something you’re having a hard time with, Damiana herbal tea may be the right choice for you.

Damiana is native to the Southwest area of the USA, South America, and even parts of Africa. It has a long history of use, and it’s a favorite among many herbalists. Damiana herbal tea works by helping the body to relieve stress and tension while simultaneously putting energy right into the sexual regions of the body. While the nerves calm, testosterone levels raise in men and balances sexual hormones in women. It can be used by all genders to help ‘relax and warm’ the sexual centers while providing feelings of calm confidence.

Damiana Herbal Tea

Impotence, Menopause, and Hormones

Sometimes the reason why we can’t get in the mood is that our bodies are simply not on the same page we are. When performance, hormone, and body issues get in the way of healthy sexuality, it can beat us down in countless ways. This is one of the most common complaints I hear from both men and women, and there’s a go-to herb I love working with in these cases: Sarsaparilla.

In addition to the deep cleansing, metabolism-boosting, feel good energy that sarsaparilla delivers, it also happens to contain plant hormones that resemble the human hormones testosterone, progesterone, and cortin. As you may have guesses, these hormones all play a vital role in sexual vitality – and getting them from botanical sources is a gentle way to help get back to feeling vibrant again.

Sarsaparilla Herbal Tea

Damiana and Sarsaparilla are my absolute favorites when it comes to supporting sexual health and libido. I find them to be the easiest to work with, gentlest on the system, and best to mix in with blends so that the tea tastes as great as it performs.

Lively Libido Herbal Tea Blend

Enjoy this tea as part of dessert after a romantic dinner or throughout the day when you need some extra energy for the night ahead…

  • 1 part Damiana
  • 1 part Schizandra
  • 1 part Rose Petals
  • 1 part Ginger Root
  • 1 part Carob Nibs or Cacao Nibs (optional)
  • 3 parts your choice of Peppermint (cooling), Hibiscus (sweet & cooling), or Chamomile (warming & calming)

Mix herbs together well. Steep 1 heaping tablespoon in 16 ounces of water for 6 minutes. Sweeten with coconut oil, honey, stevia, or another healthy sweetener.

Enjoy daily as a tonic for up to 30 days at a time, or enjoy a couple of hours before needed. Enjoy your herbal tea with a snack of fresh, organic blackberries, dried banana chips, and dark chocolate for even more all-natural libido support!

You can also use both damiana and sarsaparilla in iced herbal tea recipes!

Here’s to happy, healthy energy in all the right places!

Josh Williams Herbalist