The Benefits Of Honeybush Tea

When it comes to the sweetest herbal teas out there, honeybush is one of my personal favorites. This rich South African herb has been cultivated for centuries as both a medicinal drink and a dessert beverage. The flowers of the plant smell like fresh honey, and this decadent sweetness translates to the taste of the steeped leaves.

I love to add honeybush to any herbal tea blend that needs a little sweetness. I find that with floral, root, or bark blends this herb does really well – and it has the ability to take the bitter edge of many herbs perfectly. I keep it around to toss into blends, enjoy as an iced sipping tea, or to really wow someone who’s new to the world of enjoying plant-based healthy drinks. I’ll share some of my favorite honeybush tea recipes with you below.

While the flavor is what really makes honeybush stand out, it also brings some really impressive healing benefits to your cup as well…

The Healing Benefits Of Honeybush Herbal Tea

Immune Support

Honeybush tea is packed with antioxidants like phenolic compounds which makes it an excellent support for the immune system. There’s a long tradition of this tea being used to treat coughs, colds, flu, and infections – and the antioxidants are probably what make it so effective. It also has an active ingredient called pinitol which can also be found in pine trees. Pinitol may also contribute to the overall immune and cleansing effects of honeybush.


The various compounds in honeybush tea make it an extremely effective anti-inflammatory herb. Many of the same active chemicals that make it anti-viral and immune-supporting also allow it to help the body fight inflammation cycles and even prevent new ones from occurring. For people who deal with inflammatory diseases where an immune boost is desired, honeybush could be a helpful daily sipping tea.

Inflammatory diseases like asthma, eczema, allergies, and digestive issues have also been known to respond well to honeybush herbal tea.

Diabetes & Sugar Control

Sipping honeybush herbal tea is a wonderful replacement for high-sugar drinks or sodas that contain high fructose corn syrup. Many people, myself included, have found that this tea makes a great ‘weaning’ aid to get off a soda addiction without having to sacrifice sweetness. Cutting down on refined sugar is a great way to improve health, lose weight, and balance out blood sugar levels.

For people with diabetes, honeybush herbal tea may help reduce blood sugar levels which can give the pancreas a break.

Honeybush Herbal Tea Benefits

Happy Honeybush Herbal Tea Recipe

This is one of my favorite herbal tea recipes – and it works well hot or iced!

I love to sip this tea when I need a little extra sweetness in my life. The herbs are all known to help lift the mood, relieve stress, and bring joy – and the rich, sweet flavor puts an instant smile on my face.


  • 3 parts Honeybush (I use this kind)
  • 1 part Rooibos (optional)
  • 1 part Lavender
  • 1 part Oatstraw
  • The juice of 1/2 lemon or orange (optional)

Honeybush Herbal Tea Properties


Combine all. Steep 1 tablespoon in 16 ounces boiled water for 6 minutes. Strain and enjoy!
To make this iced, follow these simple directions.

A splash of nut milk makes this almost like a rich coffee drink.

Other herbs that blend well with honeybush include:

  • Citrus Rinds
  • Rose Petals
  • Linden Blossoms
  • Kukicha Twigs

If you’ve never experienced honeybush, I invite you to find out why this up-and-coming tea is gaining so much popularity!

Organic Honeybush Herbal Tea

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