Types Of Herbal Tea Infusers

When it comes to choosing the right herbal tea infuser there are no shortages of options. Many people feel overwhelmed because they know they need an infuser to separate their herbs from their tea once it’s done steeping, but the sheer number of options is just plain confusing. This week, I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favorite infuser styles from the fun and playful to the truly traditional. This simple guide will help you find the perfect herbal tea infuser to fit into your daily healing and sipping experience.

Teapot Infusers

Whether you create healing herbal tea for yourself or for a group of people, a teapot infuser is a really simple tool to use. You can find a variety of pot sizes that hold anywhere from one to 8 or more cups of water making them great for solo or shared tea drinking events.

A teapot infuser looks like an ordinary teapot but it has a secret inside. A small basket made from a metal mesh screen, strainer, or sieve sits at the top. You place enough herbs in the strainer to make as much tea as you need, add your just-boiling water from your kettle, and allow it to steep. Once steeping time is done, you can pour the tea directly from the pot into your cups.

herbal tea teapot infuser

Infuser Balls

These have become a big favorite in recent years for many reasons. They’re easy to use, they last a long time and are reusable, you get to see your herbs as they steep, and they are simple to wash.

Infuser balls are made from a fine foodsafe metal mesh that holds the herbs inside while the ball is submerged into your cup of hot water. You get to watch the colors from the herbs swirl into your infusion while the aroma fills the air. These are a really simple tool, and a great place to start for the new herbal tea enthusiast.

herbal tea ball infuser

Infuser Spoons

I love these fun little gadgets because it’s easy to keep several on hand to make tea for friends and guests in a really interactive way. They work by using a clamp or spring mechanism to trap your herbs between two perforated metal spoons allowing the herbs and your hot water to work together. All you have to do is fill the infuser, lower it into your mug, and stir gently while the infusion takes place. I often serve guests their handmade tea blend in a small ceramic dish with a spoon infuser so they they get to fill it themselves and interact more personally with the herbs.

herbal tea infuser spoon

DIY & Reusable Tea Bags

If you prefer tea bags, you have some great options that let you fill and seal your own bags at home. Reusable fine muslin bags are available that you can fill with your herbs, place in your cup just like a pre-packaged bag, and allow to steep. You can also find paper teabags that you fill yourself and iron or tie shut. For the sake of reducing waste, I tend to stick with the tea infusers like the metal versions above or the muslin bags since they can be reused hundreds of times.

Many people who are really in love with the taste of herbal teas find that muslin and paper can alter the taste of their tea. If you’re big on flavor, these bags may not be the best bet for you.

muslin herbal tea infuser bags

Novelty Tea Infusers

I had to add one of these in! Novelty infusers make great gifts and are a really fun way to get your healing herbal tea and a few smiles along the way.

novelty tea infuser