Going Gluten Free With Herbal Tea

Are you on a gluten free diet or just about to start one? Herbal tea can be an amazing ally in helping to cleanse your body so that you get the most from your new lifestyle. For people who have gluten allergies or sensitivities, there are all kinds of symptoms and challenges that pop up, and herbal tea can help minimize them while strengthening and cleansing your body so that you can get to healthy faster. The teas we’ll look at today can give your body a serious kick-start so that your body can detoxify, end inflammation cycles, relax, and clear faster than with the diet alone.

Gluten Gloom

Some people have a real sensitivity or even an intense allergy towards gluten. These folks find that their bodies go into a state of inflammatory response, allergic response, and stress response when they get even small quantities of gluten from wheat through their diets. There are many points of view about why gluten sensitivities seem to be on the rise these days, but the general consensus is that we simply eat so much wheat and GMO wheat products that our bodies and immune systems are rebelling.

No matter what the bigger picture is, you can use healing herbal tea to help handle gluten sensitivities. There are many amazing options, and depending on what works best for you they could each make a great addition to a healthier gluten-free diet. As with any herbal remedy being used to treat a specific illness, talk to your doctor or dietitian first to make sure it’s the best move for you.

Marshmallow Herbal Tea

This is a truly amazing herb, and one of my favorite when it comes to any inflammatory issue in the gut. Gluten sensitivities often trigger inflammation in the digestive system and within the body on a systemic level. Marshmallow herbal tea can help act as a powerful yet gentle anti-inflammatory that focuses its energy on the inside of the body, the organs, and the digestive tract.

Having an anti-inflammatory like this on your side can help the body stop the inflammation cycles associated with gluten sensitivities so that it can get to healing faster. If you’ve just gone on a gluten-free diet, marshmallow could help your body start enjoying the benefits sooner.

In addition to its anti-inflammatory effects, Marshmallow herbal tea made from the roots, leaves, or flowers can tonify the immune system, fight cellular breakdown, prevent tissue decay, and soothe the delicate lining of the stomach and intestines – all big blessings for anyone with gluten issues.

Dong Quai Herbal Tea

This beautiful herb is a relative of Angelica, and is a great choice for women who deal with gluten issues.

Dong Quai focuses its healing power on the digestive system and the gut where it calms, cleanses, and tonifies, Women have used this herb for centuries to deal with menses and stress related digestive issues with great success.

When stress and nerves aggravate gluten issues, Dong Quai is a wonderful choice for women. It soothes stress and strain while also giving extra vital energy and strength to the entire body system. When stress decreases, the immune system can do its job better and is less likely to respond improperly to perceived allergens. Anxiety and worry play a huge role in how healthy our immune systems are, so this is a great herb to work with if you feel those things are an issue in your gluten sensitivity.

In addition to its digestive, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress effects, Dong Quai also helps the body resist disease and infection so that the immune system isn’t so overworked. It cleanses the liver of stagnant energy, and can help restore muscles, joints, and tissues.

Dong Quai should not be used by diabetics without the approval of their medical professional.

Meadowsweet Herbal Tea

Meadowsweet is another gentler herbal tea that calms the digestive system, and heals the lining of the entire digestive tract. It combines digestive healing with natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Mewdowsweet works over time. It helps heal the lining of your digestive system which leads to better digestion, less inflammation, and less irritation. Over time it can actually help to change your digestive system for the better by restoring and strengthening it.

Meadowsweet should not be taken by individuals who cannot use aspirin.

Gluten-Free Herbal Tea Recipe

Here’s a great daily herbal tea recipe for those who have just taken to a gluten-free diet and want a little head start…

  • 1 part Dandelion Root
  • 1 part Nettle
  • 1 part Marshmallow
  • Optional: 1 part Chamomile or Carob for flavor if you don’t care for ‘earthy’ tasting tea blends

Combine herbs to make one heaping teaspoon in total.
Steep in nearly boiling water for 6 minutes.

This tea can be used daily as an anti-inflammatory aid and to bring nourishment and energy to the digestive system during the first 1 or 2 weeks of your new diet.