The Healing Power Of Proactivity

Did you know that one of the leading differences between people who heal from illness and people who don’t is proactivity? It turns out that the more we do for ourselves when we’re feeling imbalanced, the more likely we are to heal. People who follow the doctor’s orders but also study, research, and take action for themselves tend to feel better and heal better. That’s where herbal tea comes into play! Taking time to research gentle and healing herbal teas that you can add to your life is a wonderful way to generate good energy, take action, feel like you’re doing something effective, and get the ball rolling. And let’s be honest – learning about herbs and creating delicious herbal tea blends is just plain fun!

Making Waves

When we choose herbs, blend them, put the kettle on, and watch our herbs steep in water we are doing something powerful. We’re saying that we choose to be different. We’re taking a step in a new direction and making a statement to our inner selves and to the world around us that we are willing to work for positive change and that we aren’t settling for ‘as-is’ in this case.

Just putting herbs in water sense a powerful message to the subconscious mind that things need an upgrade. We wouldn’t be concerned about which herbs had which healing properties unless we needed them, and our minds know this. If we just wanted a sweet treat we’d grab the best looking pre-packaged herbal tea off the shelves and go from there. Instead, we work with plants that have an affinity and blessing for the challenges we’re going through at any given moment. We connect with Skullcap to deal with a nervous tic that we no longer want to feel embarrassed about or repress. We turn to Chamomile and Oat Straw to relieve ourselves of pain and strain from a hard day at work instead of harsh chemical pain killers and muscle relaxers. We brew Lemon Balm because we choose to feel the joy and positive energy it shares with us.

Making Friends

When we learn about the healing properties, folk history, and modern findings of various herbs we tend to fall in love just a little bit. When we actually work with those herbs in tea and experience their healing effects first-hand, we go head over heels! It’s funny how experiencing the healing of plant medicine can feel as though we’ve just made a new friend who really ‘gets it’.

Having plant allies is a wonderful way to feel support and nourishment from the natural world. Knowing that we have options and choices when it comes to our health gives us a sense of control and meaning that we often lose when we realize we aren’t healthy. Knowing about the healing plants of our world can relieve stress and anxiety, create self-esteem and self-worth, breed confidence, and make us more able to openly be in a state of awe and gratitude which is healing in and of itself.

Get Your Brew On!

If you’re excited about making positive changes in your life and getting help from the natural world while doing it, now is the time to act. Start thinking in terms of which plants you’d like to work with, how you’ll chat with your healthcare professional about them first, and how you’ll add them into your life. Plan for your plants and get excited about the process!

If you want to see just how big and beautiful the world of herbal tea really is, click the banner below and do a little perusing around the Mountain Rose Herbs online catalog…