Motherwort Herbal Tea

I love it when the names of herbs have a reflection of their usage throughout the ages. As you may have guessed, Motherwort herbal tea is all about women, but it has a lot of extra surprises as well. This gentle, nurturing, and comforting herb is a must-have for women of any age since the ‘mother’ in the title is really just a folk reference to women in general and not the specifics of motherhood.

Motherwort is a beautiful plant that makes a great addition to any herb garden. It has unique leaves and architecture, delicate light-purple flowers, and a height that makes it stand out among the crowd. I grew Motherwort this season and it’s been doing great with almost no extra TLC!


Motherwort on its own is really bitter… I mean really bitter. The good news is that just a little sweetener brings out the interesting flavor the bitterness conceals. Try local honey, orange peel, stevia, or coconut oil. I’ll also share a recipe below that tastes amazing! The leaves, flowers, and stems are all used in medicinal herbal tea blends.


The Healing Properties Of Motherwort Herbal Tea

As mentioned above, Motherwort herbal tea is an essential for women of all ages. It combines two very important things that can help women through challenging times or their natural cycles – calming for the nerves and nourishing to the reproductive system.

Monthly cycle stress, strain, and energy loss

When menses cycles happen, the nerves can get frazzled and the body can get drained of energy. Motherwort herbal tea steps in as a wonderful and gentle tea that calms and nurtures the nerves, soothes the emotions, and gives some much needed love to the entire reproductive system. Starting this tea a day or two before menses begins can change everything!

The Mysteries Of A Woman’s Heart

When your heart is broken, heavy, or when life seems so imbalanced that you actually feel your heart skip a beat – Motherwort herbal tea is the answer. Just like the Mother Earth, this tea comes to the rescue with nurturing energy, loving wisdom, and the right inspiration to get you through the storm stronger than you were before. On the physical level Motherwort is known for its ability to calm the heart and soothe irregular heart beats associated with anxiety, pain, nutritional imbalances, and other issues. As with all cardiac issues, please speak with your doctor if you have concerns.

The Menopause Initiation

Menopause is one of the most powerful and often most challenging of the women’s mysteries. Motherwort is celebrated for its healing, soothing, and balancing properties during this time. It can help relieve the anxiety and nerves that often accompany this life change while also showing extra love to the organs most impacted.


Menopause & Menses Herbal Tea Recipe

This simple recipe is cooling, soothing, nutritive, and loving. It’s a wonderful daily sipping tea when menopause or menses issues also bring a great deal of heat to the body or the emotions.

  • 2 Parts Motherwort
  • 1 Part Hibiscus
  • 1 Part Lavender
  • 1 tsp. Coconut Oil
  • Local Honey To Taste

Add all herbs together until you have 2 teaspoons in total. Steep in hot water for 6 minutes, or in refrigerated water in a lidded glass jar for 6 hours. Add liquefied coconut oil, and honey to taste.