Fighting Allergies With Herbal Tea

Spring has sprung, and in many areas the air is filled with pollen, spores, new mold, and cotton. This is the season when many people find themselves feeling great because of the season change but dealing with stuffiness, sniffling, sneezing, and congestion all the while. To get your body in full spring mode, I’d like to introduce you to three simple allergy herbal tea options that can help clear your head and protect you from the many allergens in the air right now. Enjoy!

Working With Medicinal Simples

You are welcome to drink these herbal teas on their own, or incorporate them with other herbs to enhance the flavor and complexity of the taste. I am going to cover Lemon Balm later on since that’s a great allergy-fighter and it helps bring out the best flavor in many herbs. Other options to enhance flavor include chamomile, rose hips, local organic honey, or a lemon squeeze. The best is always to become friends with the herbs that heal you and to fall in love with their amazing taste, scent, and energy.

Three Amazing Allergy Herbal Teas

Stinging Nettle

Nettle has quickly become my favorite go-to herbal tea to fight the symptoms of seasonal allergies like hayfever, pollen allergies, mold sensitivity, and cotton tree sensitivity. It goes to work fast clearing toxins and irritants out of the lungs, calms the allergen-response system within the body, and acts as a general health tonic for the whole system. Nettle has a green flavor that works really well alongside more floral flavored herbal teas.

Keep in mind that stinging nettle got its name for a reason. Make sure that the nettle you use has been prepared and dried properly to avoid some really nasty consequences. Click here to get the same crop I use.

Elder Flowers & Berries

Who can turn down the chance to drink herbal tea made from berries? Not me!
Elder herbal tea gets to work clearing out the lungs and excess mucous so that the respiratory system doesn’t trap more allergens than your body can handle. When seasonal allergies seem to hit your lungs and respiratory system the hardest, this is the herbal tea I recommend.

Lemon Balm

Not only is Lemon Balm a great addition to any medicinal herbal tea due to its great flavor, it’s also a great detoxifier that soothes the respiratory system and blessed the body with its natural protective qualities.

Try mixing 1/2 teaspoon Lemon Balm with 1/2 teaspoon of any other medicinal herb for a really easy blend that is calming, cooling, and tasty!

Brewing Anti-Allergy Herbal Tea

Steep your herbs for 8 minutes in just-boiling water. Separate the herbs from the water and enjoy! Medicinal herbal teas are best created using whole herbs that have not been pulverized and put into tea bags. If you don’t have access to loose leaf herbal tea, by all means go for the pre-packaged!

Here’s to a happy, hayfever-free Springtime!